Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Do You Start Your First Blog Post?

So here I am writing my first post wondering what I should say in my first post. Should I just list what I plan on talking about in this blog? Well…that’s kind of in the welcome already. Should I introduce myself and give all sorts of personal info? Well…I figure you can read the “about me” profile on the home page and I am pretty sure I will be well revealed to you over time as you loyally follow along. So what do I write?

What I will say is this: Sometimes I will make you laugh. Sometimes I will aim to provoke you to ponder something. Sometimes I will share with you things that you can do or make that have brought out feelings in me that speak to the wonder of life. Sometimes I will look to you for input and even advise. After all I am not the expert. I’m only AN expert amongst you all. We are all the experts of our own lives, our own experiences.

And that is what will make this a rewarding place for you…and me….to visit. I invite interaction, input and guest bloggers. In my personal travels, if I find something that I find helpful or insightful, funny or important, I will be sure to link you up! If you have the same to share, please do so!

So get comfortable. Grab a java.

Welcome to The Hugging Home!



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