Thursday, May 19, 2011

Say a Prayer

"Without faith a man can do nothing; with it all things are possible."
 - Sir William Osler

Are you thankful for what you have? I have pondered the concept of gratitude in a recent post and I will continue to talk about this in different ways because it is central to keeping life in perspective. We all complain. We all bitch and moan about the problems in our lives. That is human nature. And our problems are all relative. They are all valid. We are allowed to feel down, to feel sorry for ourselves, to have bad moments, bad days, bad weeks...well, you get the idea.

But let's shift our mindset. Let's turn things around and look at what we have. I am busy. I have three very active boys with busy schedules. I have a baby who takes a lot out of me. I have a marriage that sometimes takes a backseat to my kids because we are both so focused on them, on the day to day routine, on making sure the bills are paid, the house is somewhat in order, that we get some sleep.

What we must always remind ourselves is that our our children are healthy. We have a home. We have our worries, but we do get some sleep. We have our parents who live close. We have our friends, our siblings, our nieces and nephews and we have each other.

Some people are going through incredibly difficult times. Some need our prayers. I mentioned a mother I know who was recently killed. Her children and husband need a prayer. I have friends with sick family members who need a prayer. My sister in law is a doctor who treats children with cancer. They all need prayers.

I say one for them and I say one for you and whatever you need one for. I say a prayer for my wonderful mom who badly hurt her back and will be in pain for a while. I say a prayer for my cousin who has three young daughters and recently had a health scare. I pray for my brother who has had such an amazing year and makes me proud every day. I pray for children who are bullied for being who they are. I pray for the bullies that they are given the guidance to find their way to acceptance and compassion. I pray because I have hope. I pray because I am thankful. I pray because I am mindful. I pray because I can.

I doesn't matter what you believe in. It could be God, it could be Spirit, it could be whatever brings you strength...something bigger than yourself. Just turn inward for a few moments and really think about it.

And so I ask you today...for whom and for what do you pray?



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  1. If you are thinking about gratitude, have you read "One Thousand Gifts"? Ann Voskamp's style can take some getting used to but she has really opened my eyes to saying thank you on a constant basis. It really does change your perspective and bring a lot of joy into life.

  2. Hi Sarah. I have heard of that book but have not yet read it. I will certainly check it out!

    I was also reading your post about the book The Happiness Project...another book on my "to read" list. I am looking forward to reading about your project...sounds great!

  3. This post definitely struck me--I never considered myself religious--didn't grow up in a religious home--but after a year of dealing with cancer--the power of prayer whether to "God" or another spirit--is simply amazing. I was introduced to the works of Easwaran--he has wonderful works on the power of prayer. Check him out. He passed away a few years ago but is considered a "mystic".

  4. Thanks for your comments Rachel! I will certainly check out Easwaran...I appreciate the suggestion. I am always looking for new ways to learn.
    Thank you also for sharing that the power of prayer worked for you during your battle with cancer. Please stay tuned for some planned posts on the topic of cancer. I have had a number of people inspire me greatly who have valiantly fought. Hugs to you...Lora

  5. Lora, As you know; prayer is very important to me. Many die of thirst in a sea of plenty. Prayer is like that. It is the easiest strength to overlook. But the surest strength to rely on, when it is found. /// Many do not know sound waves are present in the room until they turn a radio on and hear the music. Prayer is like that. The magnificent chords of God's fellowship are always present. But often we do not have our receiver tuned in. Yet the Divine Reverberations are in the room nonetheless. /// It is important to transition to learning about prayer, to BEING about prayer, to discover its deepest depths of meaning. /// And yes, when someone is in need; we may not know the outcome of our prayers but it is like depositing money in someone else's account; you know you have given & a Power greater than yourself can combine the gift with interest on their behalf. /// And when prayers are not answered; they are like love songs. The music is still beautiful, even when the consummation is not seen. /// You pray because you "have hope", "are mindful", "are thankful", and the "Because you can." What you are really saying in that last one is you pray "Because you care." /// In God's love thankful for your gentle and uplifting spirit Lora!!! Tim-