Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Goodwill Hunting: The Thrill of the Find!

"Life can be beautiful.
It doesn't have to be expensive."
- Christine Louise Hohlbaum

I admit it people. I like to go to nice, fancy stores and look at nice, fancy handbags and nice, fancy jewellery and nice, fancy decorating items for my home. But what really turns my crank? What gets my blood flowing and my heart racing?

Nice, fancy....James Franco.

Maybe James bought his shirt at Goodwill.
I have a thriftier idea. Lose it.

Yes...even though he sucked as an Oscars host. Anyhoo, besides him, I dig thrift stores. Goodwill, Value Village (or "VV Boutique as some like to call it), The Salvation Army...oh I could go on. I remember my mom taking me on occasion to Goodwill just to see what treasures she could find. I used to think only poor people shopped at these places.

But guess what? Poor people shop at those fancy places on credit and are drowning in debt because they want the bottoms of their shoes to be the tell-tale Christian Louboutin bright red. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it's not my thing.  And I have a fake Louis Vuitton bag. OK, I have two. And if I carry it - which is rare lately - all I think now is, "everyone is looking at me thinking, "Nice fake designer bag honey. They go real nice with your fake Crocs from Walmart."

So let's be clear. I am not poor. Nowhere close. Nor am I rich. Nowhere close. I like to thrift shop because it is a rockin' good time! It is fun! I get jollies from seeing all the stuff piled all over the place with little hidden treasures waiting to be found by my keen eye. Some days are jackpots. Some are frustratingly crappy. But ya gotta keep going back. The thrill of not knowing which way it's gonna go is all part of the fun.

Don't like thrift stores? Need something a little less organized?

Try garage sales. I find it very difficult to pass a decent looking garage sale without stopping to take at least a quick gander. I am not one of those people that reads the paper and plans out a garage sale route, but maybe one day when I have the luxury of time. Of course when that happens I will be retired and living in Tampa.

I will be doing some posts in the future about decorating with my finds from thrift stores and garage sales. But lest we not forget another fun past time.

Dumpster diving!

I mean, one has to work out, and why not do so while scoring free stuff from the garbage. Ya know what they say about one person's trash being another's treasure? is true. I even found a barely used pair of Jimmy Choos. OK, I lie, but ya never know. It could happen.

I will also be blogging about found objects from nature and how I naturally (get it?) gravitate towards all things organic in form and heritage. Shells, sticks, stones, wood, texture...well, you get the picture. What's that? You need a picture? OK. You ask, I provide.

Found on the beaches in the Dominican Republic

Branches from my front lawn.
White pieces both from a thrift store.
I have several things I am passionate about and home decor is one of them. You will see that lighter side of me as we move forward here at The Hugging Home. You will also see that I like nice things. But I also like a good deal. I quote Martha, "It's a good thing."

And so, I leave you here because I have to go put on those Walmart "Crocs" and go to my son's soccer game. Maybe I will find some pretty branches. Or a nice stone. Or maybe I'll hit that jackpot.


Maybe...just maybe...I'll find a four-leaf clover. :)



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  1. Well, I've got just the thing for you then, Lora...check this out

    come on down and have fun shopping while helping a great cause!

  2. I had to share with a friend from work who is an expert Value Village shopper. Her wardrobe is amazing. She knows all the ins and out of VV.

  3. Awesome Rachel...thanks! I like VV. Popped in today actually. I like to reuse and recycle so it is great. I donate as much as I shop too. It helps some great causes. I really appreciate your sharing this blog with your community of friends. :) I also appreciate your comments! Cheers! :)

  4. And Linda thanks for sharing that. I have let some people know about it! Perfect! :)