Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have You Noticed?

"The secret to health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly"
 - Hindu Price Gautama Siddharta (founder of Buddhism)

Really...what are you waiting for?

What am I waiting for?

I go through each day. I wake up, have a quick shower not feeling the warm water falling down my face, my torso, my soothing, so refreshing. I put on that new summer dress I bought last week, the one I finally fit into, the zipper is stuck and I try harder as I utter a few four letter words. It seems to work 'cause I finally get it. It's on. But I don't notice.

I get the kids up, I kiss them, I smile, I get them dressed, I get them fed, at least after they complain about not getting chocolate chip pancakes like they had on the weekend. I rush them out them out the door, two to one place, one to another, goodbyes, I love yous, I'll see you laters. But I don't really listen. I don't really see.

I don't notice.

Take a cue from kids.
They can find joy in any moment.

I drive to the office, favourite music playing on the stereo I think, my to do list playing in my head. I rush through the grocery store, I go through the motions at the gym, I smile to the man who delivers our mail. That's what I always do when I see him.

Now what was his name again?

He told me once when I suddenly realized it was really hot. Was he thirsty? We chatted that day, under the tree, having a cold glass of lemonade. His name was Charlie. He was a grandfather and thinks I have a lovely family. He hands me my mail, bills on the bottom, favourite magazine on the top. I smile and sit and read for a few minutes as my children laugh and play in front of me. I feel the sun on my face and the tart lemony taste of my drink.

I notice.

Have you  ever realized that you are so busy going from second to second, minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, without really noticing the life that you are living? Have you stopped to be present enough in any moment to look into your child's eyes when you kiss them good morning, their hearts reflecting, their hands reaching towards you?

Look how my boys are totally capturing the present.

Sealed with a kiss!

What are you waiting for? year? When you have time? When things slow down at work? When you have more money? When you feel better? When you lose the weight? When the kids are a bit older? When you are older...older...older...?

Then what?

Frankly my dear...then you'll be dead.

I'm sorry to be so blunt but you could be gone year. You'll be out of time. Things will really slow down at work. Money won't mean a thing. You won't feel at all. You won't care about your weight because you won't get to see your kids grow up.

All you have is right here....right now.

Slow down. Take a look. Notice your senses. Feel your surroundings, the beauty, the laughter, the joy...and the simple things in life will become elevated to the sublime.

I stopped and smelled the roses in my garden.
I noticed the sheer beauty of this flower
and captured it.

Consider this your notice.



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  1. So inspiring Lora. And your photographs are great too! Where do you find the time to write and blog and be a mom of three boys? And a thoughtful and loving one at that! Really enjoying this blog! FJ

  2. I needed this reminder today. Thanks for this read. I always look forward to your posts now. You are a breath of fresh air...

  3. Thanks for the comments. I am very busy like most of us but I write for me and to connect with others. I love it and it is something I do to be creative and express myself. I am glad it is resonating with some of my readers and love the feedback! Cheers!

  4. Who takes the pics of your kids?

  5. Hi there! I take the pics of my boys. :) Thanks for reading!

  6. This is great Lora, your writing and your observations about life are always so poignant. Thanks for sharing,

  7. Thanks Erin! That means a lot. Please continue reading. Lots more to come! :)

  8. I cried. You are so right. Work has taken over my life and to kick it all off, I spend more of my day making sure other people's children are well cared for and have the best we can offer, than I do with my own. I know they say it's not the quantity of time you spend with your children, it's the quality, but I still think I need to cherish the moments more at home.
    Thanks :)