Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogger Seeking Bloggers!

Blogging is using a new medium for what it is good for - connecting and interacting.
 - George Siemens

Are you a blogger? Do you blog about parenting? Motherhood? Living in the moment? Current "hot button" issues? Authentic living? Alternative lifestyles? Home Decor? Finding yourself? Ways you nurture your creativity?

"Calling all Bloggers!!!"

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your musings by writing a guest post here at The Hugging Home?

Well...I am looking to expand a little - to get some other view points - to connect with others who are like-minded...or perhaps would like to explore something for a different...from THEIR angle.

Your angle.

If you are interested, please post a comment below, and let me know. Alternatively, visit my Facebook page called (surprise!) The Hugging Home and share your thoughts.

If I keep doing this maybe I will buy your an iPad!
Go play outside!

I am interested in really connecting....really sharing.

And I will link up to your blog...and you can link your post to your blog.


And we all love winning.

Especially when it is our readers.

Don't leave.
Come a little colser...

I look forward to hearing from you!




  1. Hi there!

    I'm not sure if I'm ready to guest blog yet, but I would love it if you read my blog! I am a new mother and a new blogger so basically my blog is about learning how to do both! I have been loving your blog!

    Thanks for checking me out!

  2. Hi Lora. Re: guest posting, let us know if you find anything on Monkeytraps you'd like us to repost (or rework) for your readers. best, ~ Steve & Bert

  3. Hi Lora,

    I blog about being a Daddy Taxi to two teenage daughters among other topics. I have an 18 year old who is moving out to go to school and I have some blog posts in mind about that topic which I think would be a great fit for your blog.

  4. Just another Mummy blog: just let me know when you feel ready! I would be happy to have your point of view. I too am new at blogging...only a dew months...although I have writing for much of my life one way or another. Have always loved it! So please don't be shy!!! Great blog...and I encourage my readers to show some love and visit your great blog! Hope to hear again from you soon!!! Thanks for reading!!! Lora

  5. Hi Steve! I would love to xollaborate further with you! Interesting discussions on your LinkedIn group on the topic of control. I would love to have you guys do a guest post about control and power and the relation between the two from your point of view. Of course we would link the post up with your blog ans vice versa and maybe get some further discussions going here, on Monkeytraps and in the LI group. Send me and email if interested...or I'd you have another idea. Also, please read my series "I'm not going to let myself go" far a 4 parter but working on number 5. I think I am struggling with power ans control re: trying to maintain some power and control of my authentic self. As a mother and wife...not easy. :). Let's chat further. :) Lora

  6. Hi Mike. Some interetinf points of discussion on your blog. I appreciated the "Rogers scam" warning! Anyways as discussed a post(s) about you and your teenage daughters would be great! I have 2 brothers and 3 sons and of course I am a mother not a father so your point of view would be a nice addition to my blog! I look forward to your follow up email with your post. Btw where exactly are you? I grew up in the Beach in Toronto. Cheers! Lora

  7. Hi Lora. I would love to do a guest post for you. I write three blogs. has been running since June 2010, begun when I left my 15-year magazine editing career. My two new sites launched this summer are (what mom can't relate to things going bad in the back of the fridge?), and my newest passion, If you like what you see on these sites, I can pitch you some ideas for possible blog topics for The Hugging Home.

  8. I'd love to do a guest post! I think you've visited my site, Don't Conform Transform at I could share one that I've previously posted or write a new one on parenting or helping kids navigate media messages.

  9. Hi, Lora. Take a lookiloo at my place and let me know if it "floats your boat!"
    Kerry at

  10. Hi Lora, I guess gutsisthekey at least qualifies for "authentic living." lol