Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chats with my Kids: My 7 Yr. Old Son on Life and Being a Big Brother

My 7 year old Noah striking his favourite pose.
What is the meaning of life, Noah?

It's about having fun. I like playing with my big brother and my little brother.

Brotherly love. Unless they are punching each other.
But that never happens. Hem hem.

It is important to be safe and loving to people. My favourite things about life are playing with my good friends Anthony and Daniel and now I would like to talk about something else.

Noah and his best friend Daniel showing some love
 for the crappy hockey team Toronto will always adore.

What would you like to talk about, Noah?

My DSI XL. I like playing Mario Cart DS because ummmm I like trying to come in first place. It is not important to win all the time. What is important is to have fun and try your best.

Mario, you should really pay attention to the road dude!

I like paying baseball outside too. That's all I want to talk about on this right now.

Your baby brother Drew (9 months) is right beside you. Why don't you talk to him about what you think being a big brother means to you?

Drew, for me to be a big brother is to be nice and I love you very much.

Lizard boy and his baby brother Drew

Remember when I was taking care of you when you were playing and I took your diapers out to the garbage? I smelled your bum and it smelled gross and Mama checked and you had a poo, so she changed you.

Spiffy Tucker and the Bum Cleaner.

That is what being a big brother is for.

When you're five maybe we can do arts and crafts or watch favourite shows together or play mini sticks or nerf basketball. You know that net we have where we can do slam dunks? Maybe I will help you.

Rainy day painting with big brother Julian
(and Mommy...but she took the picture)

And Drew, you know what else we can do? We can do whatever you want to do, and what we want to do not just what I want to do because that would not be fair.

Maybe we can go out together where ever everyone is going...Daddy, Mama, Julian and me, and you can come because we don't want you to be left alone. If we left you by yourself then you might get sick. You might eat too much food. We don't want anything bad to happen to you.

You are the only one who I like. Well I like all of my family.

A quiet moment reading with Daddy

So now mom, write "The End",  because I am out of ideas. No erase that. Just write "The End"

Yes sir!
(OK, so I didn't "erase that"...shhhhh).




  1. You look pretty good for a bum cleaner lora!!! Noah is so cute! Sounds like a very sweet boy. WT.

  2. Lol!!! Yeah I just roll out of bed like that! ;). This pix was taken a couple of summers ago at my cousin's wedding so I'm cleaned up a bit! :))) But I appreciated that comment...thank you. It brightened my day! :)) thanks for reading. Off to wipe up another bum! Lora

  3. We can relate! Love your blog -- I'm all about being authentic. Cheers and God Bless! -Susan

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