Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Happily Exhausted

OK, I admit it. I am exhausted. I am tired. I am overwhelmed.

I wished this is how I looked when I am tired.

In short, I need to take more of my own advise.

I started this blog as a fun little hobby because I felt I had a lot to say and I tend to express myself best through the written word. Simple, I thought. And it is simple. But it has now taken on a life of it's own. Or perhaps more accurately, I have breathed life into it and my readers have breathed life into it and now it has become something that people - friends, family and strangers - actually follow. Cool! story.

But I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist. A little anal retentive, if I may. If I do something, I like to do it to the best of my ability and when I see momentum I don't want it to let up. I don't want to let anyone down. I don't want to let myself down.

So I push. I push and I market and I social media like a madwoman sometimes.

Yeah...I know.

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OK...I'll stop now.

Because I have discovered that this writing thing...this blogging thing...this connecting with others thing...well...I love it. I know I have said this before, and I apologize if I am repeating myself, but I think I have found my calling in life - besides being a mother. That - I know - has always been a calling. And Lord knows I answered that call people! Wait one sec...someone just tweeted me!

Did I tell you they are writing an After School Special about me?

But that is really all part of what I am oh so un-eloquently (is that even a word??) trying to say here. My callings intertwine. Being a mother and reaching other people - especially moms - through my writing. Writing about motherhood. About how wonderful and frustrating and magical and difficult it is all at the same time.


But as I sit here writing, it is just after 7:00am, my baby boy is playing happily in his crib and my other two sons are still sleeping. I got out of bed when my husband rose for work because I wanted to write. I needed to write. I actually need to sleep...but I felt I needed to write more. And let me tell you peeps, anything that gets me up in the morning like that...well...I must either be passionate about it, have no choice about it, or be getting paid for it.

These days, what gets me out of bed is my kids and my writing. Pure love and passion. As mentioned before, I do get paid for some of my writing, and it is my goal to get to the point where this is happening more...but for now, I will just keep wagon-training.

Ahhhhh...but I digress. I know, I am famous for that. Maybe if I stop getting so off track people would pay me more for my writing. ;)

So, yeah, I am exhausted. So much so that I had to look up "exhausted" because I can't remember how to spell it. Actually, for someone who loves to write so much, I can't spell to save my life. Honestly, I am better at math. And I know I have not caught all the little mistakes here on my blog and that bugs me. It bugs my parents too because they like to point out typos. If my mom could get in and fix my typos she would.

But don't get it twisted sister!

"We're not gonna take your typos...ANYMORE!"

My parents are pillars of support. They are not telling me to be reasonable. They are not telling me to stop this writing silliness and go back to my nice comfortable life as an Association Executive making a very decent, reliable salary. No. They are actually telling me they have never seen me so happy. Too bad I may have to go back. At least for a while. We will see how that unfolds. But my parents are telling me to follow my heart. They always have and they always will. My parents are awesome.

...a whole lot!

So Mom...Dad... I konw tihs is sepelld wonrg, but you can raed it awynays, rirhgt? Isn't it cool how out brain works? How, as long as the first and last letters are in the proper place, the rest of them can be jumbled up and out brains can still read the words?

I guess that is kind of related to what I am saying. Things in my life seem jumbled up. So much is going on. I need to take better care of myself. But, all this extra "work" I am writing, promoting my does not feel like work much of the time. It somehow makes me feel happy. Overwhelmed, but in a good way, if that makes sense.

Sorry...just had to grab another coffee before I ramble too much here.

But I do need to be careful to remain balanced. I sometimes get so wrapped up in being a mom and this writing thing that things like eating right, getting enough exercise, getting enough sleep...they fall by the wayside a bit and I have to watch it.

But I continue on, riding the wave, sometimes falling, always getting back up. Hugging my kids tight, playing my keyboard like a piano, sharing my heart with whoever wants a little piece.

And now, time for breakfast.




  1. Wow Lora..... This writing thing is a passion. Or is it an obsession. Don't know. Cause I am going through the same thing. Thanks for putting my thoughts in words.. Struggling the same kind of struggle and admiring a friend who does it so well!! Lora is a blessing. Lora is a blessing. Tim-

  2. hello, soulmate!
    " does not feel like work much of the time. It somehow makes me feel happy. Overwhelmed, but in a good way, if that makes sense."
    Yes, Lora, it makes sense.Smiles and hugs!