Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Guest Post: Pocket Stress Reduction 101

Hello readers!

Well, today is the first day of school for my kids and many others and this can be a time of both relief and stress. Getting back into the routine, lunches, activities, homework, trying to balance everything...it is a lot!

So what a perfect day to start welcoming others into The Hugging Home!

Today I am happy to welcome my first in a series of guest blog posts. This is a short piece by Diana Winslow, from Oklahoma City. She is a metal health counselor, blogger, writer, historian and mom who writer for the Downtown Oklahoma City Examiner.


Downtown OKC Pocket Stress Reduction 101

By: Diana Winslow


In my Downtown OKC counseling I have seen a number of people who are pretty desperate to get some personal peace. Mostly I have ask the individual to describe their symptoms, and often, they are not aware they are holding their breath, breathing in a shallow fashion or taking gulps of air.

One of the things that happens when a person gets under stress is that their muscles tense and their breathing can become restricted. When you breathe a shallow breath, after awhile your body gets less and less oxygen and so you might be inclined to feel tired or short of breath. If you have upper respiratory allergies, the same can be true. If you have clinical depression or anxiety, reduced oxygen can increase your unwanted diagnosed symptoms.

I readily recommend the pocket technique of blowing bubbles, indoors or out.... and any season..... to increase your oxygen intake.  Pretty much anyone over about the age of 2 or 3 can manage it, and it really does increase a steady breathing pattern.  

Bubbles, the  all ages stress management technique is about to be available to you for around a dollar at local stores.

Many stores these days, such as ToysRUs, CVS, Dollar Store or Family Dollar stock bubbles year round.
Get a bottle for your car, purse or desk drawer and take a minute each day to use them. Blowing bubbles can "reset" your breathing, but it also has a visual appeal, and dogs, cats, kids and co-workers typically get a kick out of it too.

Diana Winslow,  blogger, writer and historian is mostly known as a Mom and licensed mental health counselor in her native OKC. Contact Diana at cultivatehope@ymail.com or get more information on the services she provides here.



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