Friday, September 09, 2011

My Guest Post for F Words: The Happy Fatigue of an Up-at-Dawn Blogger

TGIF Everyone!

Well, my new Guest Post Application Form page has proven to be quite popular! I have a number of great bloggers who have responded and who, in kind, have asked me to be a guest blogger on their blogs!

Some will be new material, some will be re-published material...but I like to keep my readers up to date!

Today I would like to direct you to a great blog called F Words by Sue Fenton (Journalism & Copywriting: All kinds of words for all kinds of purposes). Sue is a UK-based, highly qualified freelance all-round journalist with experience in local and national newspapers, magazines and corporate communications.

Many words start with the letter "f" people!

Basically, she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more experienced at this writing thing than I am but was kind enough to reach out and contact me about my blog. Check her out!

I will be featuring Sue as a guest blogger in the next week or so, and she will be running a few of my posts on her blog. Thanks Sue!

So...without further I am famous for is the link to my first guest post on F Words:

Exhausted but still writing: the happy fatigue of an up-at-dawn blogger  A Guest Post by featured blogger Lora Rossi

I look forward to bringing Sue's words to The Hugging Home very shortly!

Smiles...and as they say in the UK...."Cheerio!",


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