Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sex Trafficking - Let's Pay Attention!

There are a few awesome organizations dedicated to some very important issues concerning the victimization of children that I would like to bring to your attention. In this post, I would like to address the issue of sex trafficking.

The organization I would like to highlight is called Compassion 2 One. This is an awesome organization founded in 2009 by Steve and Julie Gutzler. I have pulled some info directly from their website and have posed it below.

See it, Believe it, Achieve it: the C2One Vision, Mission, and Strategy


Save as many children as we can from sex trafficking and victimization, one child at a time. 

To rescue children around the world from sexual exploitation and provide rescued victims the life of safety and joy every child deserves.

compassion2one™ is actively involved in rescuing children from sex slavery and trafficking.  Rescued children are placed in safe homes where they are loved and adored by a staff that fosters their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.  Each child is provided medical care, clean water and food, and a secure family environment that cultivates healthy growth and development.  Children in c2one safe homes are equipped with education and job training that positions them to live healthy, productive, joyful lives.

Follow Compassion2One on Facebook here, on Twitter here and on YouTube here. Find a copy of their brochure here.

Every child deserves a childhood. Every one of us has a choice whether or not to help in some way. Pay it forward. Spread awareness. Donate funds. Offer your talent, your skills, your time. 

Please share C2One's vision and mission. 

This is my call to action for you on this fine summer's day.



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