Monday, October 31, 2011

Follow That Voice!

"There is always one true inner voice. Trust it." 
- Gloria Steinem

Do you hear it?

That voice?

Perhaps it is only a whisper.

Now I have "Careless Whisper" in my frickin' head. you do too? You're welcome.

Do you ever hear the whispers...the inner voice...the little something that seems to be sending you a message?

If you stop and listen for a bit...slow down and just will find that answers may come to you.

Are you struggling with a question? A problem? A difficult decision? Lord knows I have been there and I'm still asking myself lots of questions.

But you are not alone. Getting outside and letting go of your ego and letting the universe quietly and gently point you in the direction you are meant to go can be very helpful.

Lego Eggo.
Lego Ego. OK, closer.

Sound all new-agey and silly?

Well...really, you can call it whatever you are most comfortable with. God. Spirit. Higher being. Intuition. Inner voice. Your gut. Whatever you call that feeling you get when you know in your soul that something needs to change. Something is not right. You need to step in a different direction to get to who you are meant to be.

These little whispers can be our guide...our guide through the many unknown hills and valleys of our lives. We just must learn to listen and to trust that these little rumblings do mean something. They are not just there to give us headaches or stomach cramps or anxiety or whatever physical manifestation confusion brings out in you.

Our bodies are very powerful messengers and physical symptoms along with these whispers can be very telling. The important thing is not to try and run from them.

If you are sad, feel the sadness instead of drinking it away, for example. If you are anxious, feel the anxiety instead of eating it away. Don't cover it up. Feel what is in your heart. That is when the voice...the feeling...the whispers...tell you the most.

 I, personally, am still learning. Trust me...I don't always listen. But I try. And so far, the voice has been slowly directing me to a more authentic me.

So the next time you hear that little feel that little feeling, you know that little knowing...stop.

Pay attention.

And that whisper may become a louder voice.

Now, doesn't she look happier?

And that voice may become truly yours.




  1. Lora, You are really hitting on something critically important here. I have always had a "deep knowing." You can see things in your spirit that you mind can not understand. Truth can come to you in a BEAM and you know its true, when your mind struggles to catch up. There have been many miraculous episodes when my "inner voice" helped me do things that we not otherwise possible. ex. I drove 12 hours from Florida on a hunch and got to spend my last day with my father, (who suddenly & unexpectedly died while I was there). Just 2 weeks ago, I had an urging to put Steve in touch with some friends that are in the ministry stopping human slavery. It was compelling that I do this. I obeyed the voice only to find after I did that they (from Belgium) "HAPPENED" to be in Seattle. As you know, I am a prayer advocate. For this reason, it gives us more time to listen to the hunch, entertain the muse and let God shine His BEAM in us. You do it so well. Thank you. Tim

  2. Thanks Tim. I greatly appreciate all the time you take to leave thoughtful comments. It is amazing how that inner voice can take us to amazing places if we just stop long enough to listen. :) Smiles...Lora