Saturday, October 08, 2011

I'm a Little Obsessed with...Chris Cornell

"And if you don't believe the sun will rise, stand alone and greet the coming night in the last remaining light.
- Chris Cornell

Ummm. Yum.

OK. So I am the gal with the little bloggy blog with the kinda sweet sounding name The Hugging Home.

Ya, love, smiles, emotions, poetry, motherhood musings, la la la. It's all very me and very real.

And in keeping with the theme of being real...I must be honest.

I like to have fun. Fun is important. Because if you're not having any fun, then it just ain't worth it, right? So this post is all about that. Having a little fun. I'm not gonna get all introspective and deep and leave you with a message to ponder and apply to your life. I am simply going to have a little fun. Well...maybe that's my message. It's OK to be silly. It's OK to not act your age. In fact, it is long as it's...well...healthy. it goes.

I am on the countdown to turning 40 peeps and I still have a celebrity crush.

My celebrity crush. is perhaps more than a crush. I am a huge fan.

Ya know...if we are gonna be 100% authentic here, I have to tell ya...I'm a little more than a fan. Perhaps I am a little obsessed.

OK. My obsession.

And because I am a grown woman, and no longer have a shrine to all the guys I adore plastered on my bedroom walls (oh yes I did...just ask my mom.)..and perhaps more because I share said bedroom with my husband...I have to plaster my obsession why not on one of the imaginary walls - or posts shall we say...inside The Hugging Home. Cause Lord knows I want to hug this man. Lord know I want to...well...anyways...this is a family blog. Or at least it was.

Even with age he looks hawt.

I'm a little bit obsessed with Chris Cornell.

"Hi Lora. My name's Chris. How are ya?"

Now, those of you who know me well are aware of this. Those of you who faithfully follow my blog have probably figured this out.  Those of you who are smart understand that Chris Cornell is my boyfriend and it does not matter that I am married and it does not matter that he is married all that matters is that our love is real and it will last forever and he is my boyfriend and always will be.

Yup. He's a sweet husband and a Dad too. But he is still my boyfriend.

I know, right?!?!???

So why is the song 'Every Breath You Take" all of a sudden in my head? What does The Police and Sting have to do with Chris Cornell? Well...a few things, actually.

"Gimme gimme hair! Long, beautiful hair...!"

First of all, Sting is the lead Singer of the awesome band The Police. Chris Cornell has been the lead singer in a few bands, like Audioslave and most notably, the awesome band Soundgarden. He was also in Temple of the Dog with another awesome lead singer Eddie Vedder. Also, Sting is kinda sexy. Chris Cornell...well, don't get me started. I could go on here, but I digress.

My fave band.

What do you get when you mix most of Rage Against the Machine and Chris Cornell? Audioslave.

Temple of the Dog. Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam)? Two awesome voices. Two nice lookin' heads of hair. Cooooooooooooool.

I could sit here and give you the life story of Chris...or tell you about how Soundgarden broke up but then recently got back together and did a wicked tour and I went to see them this past July in Toronto (the first show of the North American tour) and how I had box seats and how it was the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on wishing they were off.

Doing what he does best.

But I won't. Oh...did I take pictures? Yeah...I did take a few actually. Thanks for asking!

Soundgarden. Just take the shirt off Chris. We don't mind.

I'll put the shirt on instead. Here is the front of the way over-priced hoodie I bought.

Here's the back.

Here's a bad picture of my boyfriend singing on the screen.

Here is me at the concert staring all dreamy-like at my boyfriend singing.

The stage!

In funky colour! (And please forgive me. I was rocking out at the show. I didn't take too many pics. I was busy peeps!)

In a nutshell, the two things I like best about Chris Cornell are his wicked-ass voice and his wicked-ass hotness. His voice is HAWT and his hotness leaves my voice...well...speechless. And so, instead...I am typing.

Thank you for removing your shirt. And you look hawt without the hair too. Frick!

So I am obviously sharing his hotness with you with these photos. And I know I have done it before. Like in this post here. Oh, and in this post here.  And I have even shared with you his wicked ass voice in this post here.

Hawt. And so he remains...

But because I'm a little obsessed, I wanted to share a little more. And it being Singin' Saturday and all...well...let's rock out a little, shall we?

Yes. Thank you Chris.




  1. Hey Lora! This is such a nice change from your other posts! It is nice to see this side of you! You are so funny and refreshing. And I agree...Chris is good looking and I had never heard of him before to be honest! GASP! Keep writing and inspiring. It is a treat never knowing where your blog is going to go next! I am a daily follower! Candace H.

  2. Thanks Candace! Your comment means a great deal to me which is why I am responding so quickly! This is a different post for me. It was intended to be a silly, fun post just about my celebrity crush. my husband calls Chris my "boyfriend" and he was having fun at the Soundgarden concert with me. Even he told me how "hot" my "boyfriend" looked! LOL It is kind of an on-going joke with us! Hope you enjoyed the music and thanks for your support and for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Cheers! Lora

  3. So glad I am not the only mum of 3 pushing 40 who has a slight obsession with this man. His voice is a gift from God, not to mention that he is supremely hot as well, plus he looks like he would be the sweetest father.... I could keep going but I know you get what I'm talking about!!!

  4. I knew I wasn't the only one... I am completely and totally obsessed with Chris, too. And we are not alone... ;)

  5. Haha dude. Loved this post. I too am so in love with this amazing man!

  6. Totally obsessed! Can't wait til 8/7/14 to see Soundgarden on tour!