Friday, October 21, 2011

Of Stuff and Things and California Kings...

"Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.
- Peace Pilgrim

Kind of says it all.

My house is not a big house.

OK...not this small. And if we ever need a proverbial dog ain't gonna be this nice! ;)

In this day and age of mass-produced McMansions - all with their gray exteriors and double or even triple-car garages sticking out front as if it were supposed to be the most awe-inspiring, curb-appeal-getting aspect of these homes - my home is considered small here in the glutinous, "keeping up with the Jones", North-American world we live in.

McMansion after McMansion...all in a row...

I am a decor junkie and so you would think I would be into big, wonderful homes full of big, wonderful things. And don't get me wrong. I love to look at them. Marvel at their beauty. Dream about living in these massive, perfect homes. But that what life is about? Is that what my life is about? a

And that is fine. When I browse through the home decor magazines at the store I am always excited to see the issues about small spaces. I gravitate to them. I look forward to them.

I love this magazine. Canadian decorating magazines are great!

Why? Because that is how I live. I don't want my home to feel grand. I want it to feel cozy. Yeah. If I had one word to describe how I want my home to feel, that would be it. Cozy. Which does not necessarily mean tiny, but there is something about a little, well-appointed cottage or a small, but comfy home that makes me feel at home.

Now doesn't this look nice?

More is more to most and for many, too much in never enough. This does not only go for square footage, but the "stuff". The toys and trinkets, the wares of our work. "Look at me and all the things that I posses!" it all seems to scream! I am important, because I am the owner of homes, cars, stuff, things, gadgets, toys, trinkets and everything else I posses. Or at least the bank owns it. "But I HAVE it! And don't it make me look awesome! Better! Richer! Cooler! Happier! It is the American / Canadian dream I am living!"

So impressive! Almost as impressive as my fake LV purse and wallet!

Yeah...OK. Sure. But what is the dream....really? What is your dream? Is it about houses and cars and things and stuff? Is is about people, places, careers, passions, loves? What do we really dream about? What do we really long for?

I think about this stuff a lot. Sometimes I dream of a bigger home and a bigger car and a bigger bank account.

No, this is not a shoe. It is what looks to me like the coziest chair EVER!

I see people who say they are "busting at the seams" in their homes and then look at my family of five and wonder if we too should be considering more seriously our next move. Or next renovation. Of course, this is when that dream of the bigger bank account usually come in.

The truth is, I don't need a grand front foyer with a cathedral ceiling. Sure, it looks impressive, but what do you really do in there? Give me a spacious mud room over than any day of the week.

And after you come inside, clear off the mud, does this not look like a small yet inviting space?

A master bedroom with a fireplace and a sitting area and enough room to fit a California King bed as well as a throne and perhaps all of Malibu along with it?

OK, if I had the room, perhaps a California King bed would be in order given my husband is 6'6" tall. But we don't need a bedroom the size of a small town.

OK...nice...but a King bed, a few side tables, a decent closet and an ensuite would do me fine. After all, I have a King-size husband and 3 little boys. My own bathroom would be lovely. But our Queen bed and small closet half-full of clothes I don't even wear will do for now. We have survived thus far. Our main bathroom has a lock. And I am the only one who uses it.

My point is, we don't need bigger and more and fancier stuff to be happy. What we really need is bigger and more and fancier values. Goals. Like family. Health. Happiness. Know what I mean?

This fish seems to get it. Home is where you feel at home. Or in this case, where you can breathe easy.

You can have all the "finer" things in problem...but without the core stuff...the stuff that really makes your insides really doesn't matter.

Just ask yourself one basic question:

At the end of the day, what truly brings you happiness?

Perhaps it is pulling your ears and smiling?

That's where all the answers reside.



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