Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Post: Shedding Stress & Anxiety

Shedding Stress and Shedding Anxiety
...the first step in getting to know who we are
By: Luc Watelet
The goal in life is to get naked to our self; to take the clothes off that were given to us in the form of beliefs about the world and about who we are. The goal in life is to be who we are, totally and completely innocently who we are. That demands something very difficult from us: to trust that if we don’t try and be something, that the one we are supposed to be will show up!
If we aren’t totally naked to our self, completely innocently who we are, then things happen that we don’t like. For instance we get irritated, we get stressed, we get anxious, we get depressed, we feel empty and fill the void with food, sex, alcohol or drugs… and, if we let this happen too long we may get into deeper mental illnesses.
Our society is filled with stuff that is distracting us from who we are. It first asks us to go to school to be educated, as though we did not already have in us the seeds of who we are. Then, it draws from us the apparent need to consume and to lust after things, to envy the rich and famous, or those on the front page of magazines… and we cannot find our self in any of it.
We are groomed to be greedy!
It tells us that we are sinful so we need a minister to intercede for us. And it tells us that our diseases come from chemical imbalances so it invites you to consume medicine and to trust the experts… driving you even further away from yourself… When we stop buying into all this we can see more clearly that all we really need is the right soil, the right amount of love and support, for the seeds to grow. We may or not get this from our family of origin, yet we can always give it to ourselves.
How to start or what to do when you find yourself stressed or anxious?

The very first thing is to realize that this state is temporary. The second thing is to realize that the stress or anxiety points to the place where one’s own beliefs are in conflict with what is happening outside (at work, in relationships, in the world, etc.). Stress and anxiety are in reaction to something because of inner beliefs. The problem is not with what is happening outside of us. It is a gift because it helps us see the gunk we are carrying that we could not see before!

The gift is in the conflict we feel. How do we find freedom from this conflict and release the gunk from our system? First take a deep breath, and another, and another and, second, drink several glasses of water. Then work with your mind that is caught up in illusion for the moment: recognize that you cannot calm down unless you accept that you are not in a humble state, which means you are not in a healing space, unless you are willing to learn from the conflict you feel. “Be humble and be cool!” I heard someone say, and it is very true!
Then, you are in a place to truly feel the energy you are experiencing inside of you. This is what you think of as your stress or your anxiety. Forget about the words: “stress,” and “anxiety.” Instead feel the energy you feel inside your body and give it freedom to invade your entire being and in this way it will eventually dissolve and leave you. It is an exercise in being present, patient and gentle with yourself. As it leaves you, it will likely also give you a new understanding of yourself.
Now, after a while you may want more than just know how to release stress and anxiety; you may want to be happy and in harmony with yourself and the world. This is truly being you!
There are a few ways that are tried and true to help us back to our self. Religions were meant to do that, but their leaders often fell in love with the power they were given. Spiritual paths are purer. And again some leaders fell in love with the power they were given as well. What we each need is to learn to be who we are, to trust that the only expert on you is you.
There are some who can help. They have devoted their life to the inner world and, through this exploration, they know something of the difficulties to be encountered in the process and perhaps some paths to avoid wasting time with. It is a path of discerning illusion from reality. The confusing thing is that what society is selling us as reality, no matter how tangible, is illusion because it does not guide us back to our self.
So, back to basics.
Remember that any of the paths you follow are meant to point to your freedom, but each step you need to ask yourself: Is this still the path for me, do I still need outer guidance, or have I found enough trust in my inner teacher, my inner guidance to continue on my own? I have found that the moment you no longer need an outward path, the teacher will leave you. We may feel that as abandonment, but it is a moment of celebration because you are now on the brinks of finding your teacher within! You are on the brinks of embracing your own freedom!
Kundalini Yoga is a nice path because it does not depend on a teacher, except for learning the yoga itself. The sequences of postures and breath and mantra given as recipes, guide you to yourself. It takes patience for these ‘recipes’ to chisel out the gunk covering your truth from yourself. But it is a path where no one can have power over you, unless you seek to give your power away!

Please learn more about Luc by visiting his website Innerwearth.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Sixth Article for Wellx!

Happy day readers!

As usual, I will begin by pointing you in the direction of my first five articles published by Wellx here.

And here it is - my next publication:

Powerful Words For Today  By: Lora Rossi  November 23, 2011

I greatly appreciate all of the continued support from Mel and everyone at WellnessX and look forward to my next contribution!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby DVDs: What I Think

You know the ones. The DVDs that have the colours and shapes and little characters and babies and animals and toys and movement and music.

Yeah...these ones.
The ones that lots of parents use and lots of parents abuse.

The ones that are annoying and the ones that some parents know off by heart.

I don't have any of these DVDs. Only bad moms but their infants in front of the TV to watch this stuff.

Hey, this girl had serious issues...never mind using the odd baby DVD!

And guess what else?

I'm not telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - so help me God!

This is not my hand.

I have baby DVDs. And I use them. Sometimes a little at a time...sometimes, I admit, for too long and too often.

Why? Because this ain't me either!
There has apparently been some controversy about these baby DVDs and how they should be taken off the market because parents are using them as "babysitters" for their infants.

Well...let's be honest here shall we?

There are a few other things that parents need to get done other than hold and coddle their babies. Especially those who have more than one child. (I never used these DVDs with my first baby, by the way!)

And THAT was not a lie. I used videos. (That is showing my age...or at least the age of my first child who is now ten.)

Being a mom...or a not easy. Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes we need to...for example...cook a meal for our family. Or fold some laundry. Or help another child with their homework and actually be present while doing so. Are you getting my point here?

Help me!

Sometimes us parents...we simply need a little break. To sit down. To go to the bathroom. To eat a sandwich. To catch our breath.

And in my humble little opinion of one, that's OK.

Do I suggest that all parents of very young children go out and get themselves a bunch of baby DVDs?

Well...yes and no. If you feel differently than I do...and I know many do...then no. Don't do anything you don't feel is right for you, your baby or the way that you choose to live your life. But if someone asked me what tricks I have up my sleeve to save my sanity when my baby is cranky or I need a few minutes to myself or I am overwhelmed with stuff to do, I will perhaps ask them if they have any baby DVDs. And I will let them know that for me, they are a lifesaver.

I would, perhaps, suggest it to this mom.

Now, every child is different, of course. Not all babies respond the same way. My second child was not really in to the DVDs, so I didn't use them much with him. He responded much better to the exersauser...which some parents may refer to "the circle of neglect". Someone I know actually introduced me to this term. She is a highly educated pediatrician and mother of two. She also has two excersaucers.

Ahhh...the "circle of neglect". We have two.

Now please don't get it twister (sister!).

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I don't think is is healthy or right to stick your kid in front of a constant loop of baby DVDs and go about your day...even my baby does...he or she really enjoys them. Because they enjoy other fun activities like crawling and paying and discovering and singing and cuddling and all that other fun stuff.

But you put my baby in front of one of his DVDs for a gander and he loves it.

And guess what? I have actually learned a few things from these DVDs as well.

Did you know that flamingos' feathers turn pink because they eat so much shrimp? I do. I learned this from a baby DVD.

Shrimp eh? Who knew?

Did you know that there is an animal called a red panda that looks more like a cross between a raccoon and a fox rather than a little bear? I do. I learned this from a baby DVD.

Cute little panda bear. Who knew?

I also learned that A is for Apple and B is for Baby and so forth and so on. OK, so I already knew my baby didn't and once he started grasping for new sounds to make he started to try to mimic the sounds of the letters he was learning. "Bu, bu, bu", he would say with pride as he was introduced to the letter "B". "Bu, bu, bu!", I repeated to him with glee. "That's right Drew! That's the letter "B"! Who is my favourite Bu, bu, bu BABY?!? You are my little baby Drew Boo!"

So I say relax peeps. Obviously overuse of these DVDs is not a good idea and not something I agree with. Do I have my days? Of course I do.

I also need a copy of this book. Christmas shoppers, take note.

If I am sick and don't have anyone to help me, sure...I may use my DVDs  to help "babysit" my baby...and you have every right not to agree with that. You can even sue me if you think that is necessary.

"Sue me!", says Sue.

My point is, there are lots of things out there to stimulate your child that also serve as helpful tools for very busy parents and it is all about balance. Parenting is tough. Let's give ourselves a break. Let's not feel guilty because we need one.

As long as the kisses and the reading and the cuddles and the interaction and the hugs far outweigh trying to distract your kid with baby stuff, then you are doing OK.

And I'm OK with that.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Mother's Perspective: Sex Trafficking in Canada

"Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent." 
- Dalai Lama

I recently was honoured to be given the new post (no pun intended!) as Editorial Writer/Blogger for a non-profit organization with it's home base in Seattle, Washington called compassion2one.

This organization is one that I recently highlighted in my post Sex Trafficking: Let's Pay Attention!

You can find out all about compassion2one (C2One) in that post or on their website here.

I was commissioned by Steve Gutzler, President and co-founder of C2One to write an article series highlighting the plight of child victims caught in the horrible sex trafficking trade here in Canada.

The first article in my series was published yesterday by C2One and I ask you all to take a moment to read, tweet, share on Facebook and any other social media site you have access to in order to bring attention to this cause.

I also ask that you please share your thoughts both here on my blog and on the C2One site. We need to highlight the issue of sex slavery in Canada and remind people that these innocent children caught in this seedy world are not worthless "whores", but young human beings who are being victimized and not being appropriately cared for by our legal system.

I now lead you in the direction of my article - and thank you in advance for standing up and doing your part to spread the word.

Sex Trafficking in Canada - A Mother's Perspective  By: Lora Rossi  November 15, 2011

Thank you to Steve Gutzler and his wife Julie Gutzler for founding compassion2one and for giving me the opportunity to help bring the issue of sex trafficking in my country - Canada - to peoples' attention.

Steve & Julie Gutzler, Co-founders, compassion2one

Let's help save our children. We can all do our part.

This is just the beginning of mine.



Monday, November 14, 2011

Get Organized with My Life Locker! had to happen at some point folks!

That's right...Product Reviews!

Now let me make a few things very clear before I begin.
  1. I have been approached by a significant number of small companies, organizations, etc. asking if I would like to review their products on this blog.
  2. Many have offered me a share of the profits for any product sold through this blog.
  3. As of yet, I have not accepted any of these offers, but if I ever do, it will be because it is in keeping with the message of The Hugging Home, and I will always tell you outright if I have the possibility of making any coin off my review for product sold.
  4. As of today, I am not getting paid if the owner of the company sited in this post sells anything as a direct result of its presence here on my blog - but if she wants to send me a cheque in the mail, I will not object! ;)
I have written a few posts about organization and clutter and "stuff". For example, A Cluttered Home is a Cluttered Mind (which was also republished by Wellx). Also, Of Stuff and Things and California Kings...

So I thought this was a good fit to take you all a little further down the road to getting out from under all the things and the stuff and the clutter. there you have it! I guess I will have to create a "Product Review" page if this becomes a trend, but in the meantime, let me introduce you to Sandra Tisiot, a fellow Canadian and mom who created a product I think is great (yes, she sent me one!)


Does not finding information drive you crazy?

Does a stressful event spin you out of control?

Dose data retrieval take you to the tipping point?

If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions - help is on its way.

Sandra Tisiot is the creator of My Life Locker: The Ultimate Organizational System. Now, I like to think of myself as an organized person, but as the busy mother of 3 boys, it always drives me nuts having to look for information, numbers, policies, passwords, you name it, over and over again.  Then, each time it find it somewhere I usually write it on a scrap piece of paper and then it is lost again. 

This could be age, but that’s another story for another post!

Anywho..almost two years ago Sandra created My Life Locker, a comprehensive system that is the ultimate peace-of-mind tool, pulling together all the essential (and not-so-essential, until you need them) minutiae of our data-intensive lives. 

It is the book that locks up a thousand details, offering an oasis of calm in the midst of storms of swirling bits of information. It is a customized, individualized encyclopedia organizing the names and numbers and notions typically found here, there and everywhere. It is a compendium of personal data that serves to simplify our complex lives. My Life Locker is an ingeniously plain idea whose time has come in these complicated times, and it is uniquely Canadian.


Sandra and I both believe that in order for you to have internal control you need to gain external control, and My Life Locker takes control of all your data.  It is this external control of your data that will keep you in organizational heaven.

Sandra explained to me exactly how it works...and it is very simple:

My Life Locker is organized into 4 Lockers.  Let’s take a peak inside to give you a feel of this color-coded workbook.

Locker One:  Me and My Family
Here is where you keep information about you and your family, your work, health, pets, emergency contact information.

Locker Two:  My Important Things
Here is where you keep information about your home, car, cottage, equipment, warranties, documents.

Locker Three: My Valuable Money
Here is where you keep information about your accounts, investments, children’s investments, retirement, loans, credit cards.

Locker Four: My Everything Else
Here is where you keep information about your professional help, special treats, internet accounts and passwords, membership programs, travels, adventures, to name a few.

You will have access to all your information with a turn of your finger.  Now that’s peace-of-mind for you and your family. 

Your family can calm that inner clutter by knowing where everything is should there ever be an emergency or life threatening event.  My Life Locker can also be used as a legacy tool and put away with your Will.  No more stress for you, no stress left with your family.

Sandra likes to think of My Life Locker as a treasure hunt and I think that makes sense.  Have some fun filling it out, and please don’t stress out doing it; take breaks, reward yourself after each section is completed.  That's what I'm doing!

Trust that you will be very pleased once My Life Locker is complete.  I know you’ll be thrilled to go into My Life Locker and, voilĂ , there’s exactly what you need.


Sandra Tisiot

Sandra Tisiot: Creator and Author of My Life Locker is a former professional dancer, and holds Bachelor and Masters degrees. After impressive achievements in business and the arts throughout North America, she has settled in Ottawa, Canada, where she continues to enjoy success in the financial sector.
As a single mom, Sandra often found herself worrying about what might happen to her child  if she were out of the picture. So she decided to collect and compile her important information, and was surprised by how less stressed and more confident this made her feel . . . and thus My Life Locker™

Learn more about this great, Canadian product and how to order one by visiting Sandra's website here.