Monday, November 07, 2011

A 6 am Date with Myself

So...I  guess I have become a morning person.

For those of you who know me well, this is very strange. I have never been the classic "rise with the sun" kinda gal.

Sleeping in has always been a luxury I have coveted and enjoyed.

This was me. Actually, this was Garfield pretending to be me.

I have had to become a morning person by virtue of the fact that I have 3 young children. I have been a mother now for over ten years and one would think that this would make me covet that extra little bit of sleep in the morning before my kids wake even more!
Well, of late, to my surprise, I have been waking about an hour before they do! What is up with that!?!?

And this is exactly how I look as I rise and shine.

I have no idea.

But here are some thoughts. And these thoughts are being brought to you by me at 6am, so take them all with a few grains of salt. They are also being brought to you by the number "6",

Remember that pinball song? "1, 2, 3, 4, 5...6, 7, 8, 9, 10...11, 12!" Yeah! My Dad used to sing and dance to it every time it came on. I swear.

the letter "W",

the letter "T'

and the letter "F".

Yes peeps, I have watched a lot of Sesame Street in my days, and yes, I am baffled by my own thoughts.

I think that waking early has made me realize that this short block of time, while it is still dark...while my boys are still snoozing...while everything is quiet...well, it can be just for me. Time just for me?!!? I didn't think that even existed anymore!


So at 6am, I now am able to have what I like to call a "date with myself".

Of course, it is not always perfect. Sometimes my kids hear me as I very quietly microwave day-old coffee leftover from the night before (hey, I hate waste and it's quick people...this is a small window of time I have!), and sometimes my baby starts crying and I have to deal with it.

This is true.

But none the less, it is MY time.

Sometimes I get some writing done, like right now. Sometimes I go outside in the stillness of the early morning and just sit and listen to the quiet.

This is the view this morning from my backyard. OK, maybe I exaggerate just a tad.

Sometimes I read. OK, usually I don't, but that would be a good idea now that this seems to be a habit! And maybe I will start walking now that daylight savings has kicked in and it is a bit lighter and my hubby does not leave for work until about 7:20am. My ass and thighs will certainly thank me if I go this route!

My hubby and I in the morning now.

In any case, it is a time to reflect and be with myself. To be me. It is not time just to be a mom or a wife or a cook or a chauffeur or a nurse or a this or a that. I don't have to talk about hockey. I don't have to listen to burping or farting. I don't have to have discussions about behavior or why someone should eat their vegetables because they are so good for you.

My phone does not ring. My e-mails are not pouring in. My mind is not so overwhelmed with clutter I feel lost.

This picture was brought to you by...the entire alphabet!

So maybe I will stick with this little 6am date with myself. So far, I am quite enjoying it.

And maybe, just maybe, when the sun rises and the noise starts, I will be better able to deal with it all.

Gotta add this book to my Christmas list!

I'll keep you posted.



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