Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby DVDs: What I Think

You know the ones. The DVDs that have the colours and shapes and little characters and babies and animals and toys and movement and music.

Yeah...these ones.
The ones that lots of parents use and lots of parents abuse.

The ones that are annoying and the ones that some parents know off by heart.

I don't have any of these DVDs. Only bad moms but their infants in front of the TV to watch this stuff.

Hey, this girl had serious issues...never mind using the odd baby DVD!

And guess what else?

I'm not telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - so help me God!

This is not my hand.

I have baby DVDs. And I use them. Sometimes a little at a time...sometimes, I admit, for too long and too often.

Why? Because this ain't me either!
There has apparently been some controversy about these baby DVDs and how they should be taken off the market because parents are using them as "babysitters" for their infants.

Well...let's be honest here shall we?

There are a few other things that parents need to get done other than hold and coddle their babies. Especially those who have more than one child. (I never used these DVDs with my first baby, by the way!)

And THAT was not a lie. I used videos. (That is showing my age...or at least the age of my first child who is now ten.)

Being a mom...or a not easy. Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes we need to...for example...cook a meal for our family. Or fold some laundry. Or help another child with their homework and actually be present while doing so. Are you getting my point here?

Help me!

Sometimes us parents...we simply need a little break. To sit down. To go to the bathroom. To eat a sandwich. To catch our breath.

And in my humble little opinion of one, that's OK.

Do I suggest that all parents of very young children go out and get themselves a bunch of baby DVDs?

Well...yes and no. If you feel differently than I do...and I know many do...then no. Don't do anything you don't feel is right for you, your baby or the way that you choose to live your life. But if someone asked me what tricks I have up my sleeve to save my sanity when my baby is cranky or I need a few minutes to myself or I am overwhelmed with stuff to do, I will perhaps ask them if they have any baby DVDs. And I will let them know that for me, they are a lifesaver.

I would, perhaps, suggest it to this mom.

Now, every child is different, of course. Not all babies respond the same way. My second child was not really in to the DVDs, so I didn't use them much with him. He responded much better to the exersauser...which some parents may refer to "the circle of neglect". Someone I know actually introduced me to this term. She is a highly educated pediatrician and mother of two. She also has two excersaucers.

Ahhh...the "circle of neglect". We have two.

Now please don't get it twister (sister!).

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I don't think is is healthy or right to stick your kid in front of a constant loop of baby DVDs and go about your day...even my baby does...he or she really enjoys them. Because they enjoy other fun activities like crawling and paying and discovering and singing and cuddling and all that other fun stuff.

But you put my baby in front of one of his DVDs for a gander and he loves it.

And guess what? I have actually learned a few things from these DVDs as well.

Did you know that flamingos' feathers turn pink because they eat so much shrimp? I do. I learned this from a baby DVD.

Shrimp eh? Who knew?

Did you know that there is an animal called a red panda that looks more like a cross between a raccoon and a fox rather than a little bear? I do. I learned this from a baby DVD.

Cute little panda bear. Who knew?

I also learned that A is for Apple and B is for Baby and so forth and so on. OK, so I already knew my baby didn't and once he started grasping for new sounds to make he started to try to mimic the sounds of the letters he was learning. "Bu, bu, bu", he would say with pride as he was introduced to the letter "B". "Bu, bu, bu!", I repeated to him with glee. "That's right Drew! That's the letter "B"! Who is my favourite Bu, bu, bu BABY?!? You are my little baby Drew Boo!"

So I say relax peeps. Obviously overuse of these DVDs is not a good idea and not something I agree with. Do I have my days? Of course I do.

I also need a copy of this book. Christmas shoppers, take note.

If I am sick and don't have anyone to help me, sure...I may use my DVDs  to help "babysit" my baby...and you have every right not to agree with that. You can even sue me if you think that is necessary.

"Sue me!", says Sue.

My point is, there are lots of things out there to stimulate your child that also serve as helpful tools for very busy parents and it is all about balance. Parenting is tough. Let's give ourselves a break. Let's not feel guilty because we need one.

As long as the kisses and the reading and the cuddles and the interaction and the hugs far outweigh trying to distract your kid with baby stuff, then you are doing OK.

And I'm OK with that.



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