Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Fifth Article for Wellx!

Hello readers!

Today, here is Part 2 of Leading with my Top 5 Values  - my article published on Thursday by Wellx. And again, I will simply start by pointing you in the direction of my first four articles published by Wellx here.

And here she is! My next...and fifth...article published by this great organization for wellness professionals!

Leading with my Top 5 Values: Part 2  - by Lora Rossi - November 11, 2011

As mentioned before, I will be contributing on a bi-weekly basis for the next little while (except this week...for my 2-parter - until they don't want me anymore! :)

Many thanks to Melissa and my friends at WellnessX!

Gratitude to everyone for your continued readership and support!



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