Friday, November 11, 2011

Silent Friday: Let's Remember

Pause to remember...


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  1. I have written much about memorials and remembrance. I was particularly interested in traditional memorials and the problems associated with fossilizing ideas of commemoration. (think of idealized statues etc which are not necessarily representative of all those that fought in the World Wars for instance)I wrote a paper that argued the 'Minutes of Silence' was a revolutionary custom insofar as it enabled humanity to form a tableaux -- a kind of statue -- that is as inclusive as one wants it to be. After conducting research, I learned that the idea for the Minutes of Silence came from Apartheid dominated South Africa. While there is much that could be said about this discovery, for me at least, the Minutes continue to be a unique social ritual far less problematic than any of the statues/commemorative motifs that aim to capture one kind of perspective or worldview.