Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 3 "Ts" of Giving

I am honoured to have recently been appointed as Canadian Awareness Director for compassion2one - a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to saving children from the horrors of the sex trafficking trade - one child at a time.

Please read more about compassion2one here.

As part of my new role, I am also an Editorial Contributor and am in the midst of an article series in hopes of bringing more awareness to this cause - especially in Canada.

Please read my first article in this series, entitled "Sex Trafficking in Canada: A Mother's Perspective"

I am now happy to bring you my second article in my series. In this season of giving, the focus of this piece is on what anyone can do to help by way of the three "Ts" of giving - time, talent or treasure.

Please read, give it some real thought, and let me know what you think.

Time, Talent, Treasure: The Three "Ts" of Giving  By Lora Rossi - December 29, 2011

Thanks for reading.

What can you give today?