Friday, January 13, 2012

Bordom, Bread & Nutella

It's one of those days when I am tired and should be going to bed and yet I feel compelled to write.

It is also one of those days when I just started writing this with no idea exactly what I am planning to write.

Stream-of-consciousness post alert!!!

I warned ya!

I throw around ideas for posts in my head all the time. Sometimes I write them down, sometimes I forget them. Sometimes I sit my ass down and get the job done.

I have a few posts already started but now is not the time to complete them. I just don't feel that surge of inspiration for the topics at the moment.

And I need that. I need some sort of inspiration to write.


Even if that inspiration is only my need to have verbal diarrhea and share it all with you.

This is true peeps!

So it has been a crazy few weeks in the Rossi household. The holidays were fun if not exhausting. Lots of food, fun, kids home from school, new toys, lots of hockey and me trying to keep myself sane enough not to walk to the closest hospital - conveniently located around the corner - and commit myself.

Also true.

A few colds - one of which has been the lingering kind belonging to yours truly and is currently in the lovely pink-eye stage. I look pretty sexy. My eye matches my lipstick and the bags under my eyes could hold my son's hockey equipment.

I know. Bring out the violins.

It is also getting close to mid-January and my workouts are far from being of the "really great and awesome" variety. They are more the 'I walked around the grocery store for 45 minutes - that counts right' variety - which is pretty sad given my gym is actually INSIDE my grocery store!

My eating, in general has been pretty good thus far. Except after 8pm. This is when the fresh bread and Nutella monsters come out and bite me in the ass. And they don't just bite...they fight their way in and stay.

I love carbs. Carbs love my ass. My ass does not return the love.

Unfortunately, my husband and therefore my kids are Italian and fresh bread and Nutella are must-have staples. It is actually part of their religion. And now, it is part of mine. Sometimes I feel like a nut...sometimes I feel like Nutella!

We have not ventured into Nutella-bacon-land. YET!

I am keeping a food journal which is all so "by the book" of me and all, but when you choose to "forget" to write things down when you really does defeat the whole purpose.

I think it is time for Rob to keep the fresh bread and Nutella on the extremely high shelf that only he can reach. And lock it. With a pad lock. And perhaps some duct tape.

This is very creative use of duct tape. PROPS!

This makes me feel kinda powerless against my perchance for eating while bored or emotional. Which makes me rather emotional. And because I just kind of made a redundant statement I am boring myself.

You too right?

If fact, this entire post is boring me.

Yup. Almost!

So much so that I am going to make myself another nutella sandwich.

I leave you with this.




  1. LMAO! Nutella is dangerous. Thanks for the laugh Lora.

  2. I don't think I've ever had Nutella...but I've considered it.. if it makes you feel better I've been sick and tired too (no pink eye) and on the road travelling..which ultimately means I blow my diet too! :)