Thursday, January 05, 2012

Special Guest Post: The Hockey Home

Hello readers!

Today I would like to introduce a very special guest blogger.


His name is Noah Rossi. He is almost 8 years old and he is my son.

He is very proud that he wrote this all by himself. He wrote it down on paper and all I did was type it in to the computer!

And once again, I would like to introduce...NOAH ROSSI!!!!

(He also wrote this introduction!)

I encourage you to leave your comments for Noah below. This is his first blog post and would welcome your feedback and suggestions on new topics to write about!

(Editors Note: Please comment...he is going to be waiting!)


The Hockey Home
By: Noah Rossi

Noah Rossi

Most people in our family like hockey.

Me before my first real hockey game!

And I call it "The Hockey Home".

I don't call it this because my mom's blog is called "The Hugging Home".

That would be really silly...kind of like me!

I am a pretty silly guy!

I call it this because we really like hockey a lot!

This is me and my brother Julian and my mom just before Canada won the gold medal for men's hockey in the Winter Olympics!

Me and my brother like hockey and I play on The Port Credit Storm!

That's me in my Storm Jersey!

My brother plays on The Mississauga Braves.

That's my brother Julian in his Brave's jersey. I don't know why he isn't smiling. Maybe he just lost a game or somethin'.

My baby brother might play hockey one day but he is too little now!

This is my baby brother Drew with his mini stick!

I am an offence player and my brother is a defenceman. I get more goals because I get the goals and he stops the goals.

Julian and I even dressed up as beat up hockey players for Halloween. We are just pretending to fight...don't worry! Oh, and that is fake blood!

I am #5 and my brother is #5 too!

You can call my mom "The Hockey Mom".

Me and my hockey mom!


See ya next time! Oh, and don't forget to leave your comments for me! Thanks!

Noah Rossi has decided that he enjoys guest blogging and looks forward to his next guest blog post!




  1. That is sooooo super cool.. Noah, a great start to your writing. I can tell you are quite a young athlete. Like your home is a Hockey Home. My home was a karate home, (since Dad, [me] taught it)... I had to gasp for air till of you and your brother fighting, till I read it was for Halloween. Neat stuff Noah. By the way, your name is pretty cool too. Tim-

  2. He shoots, he scores! Great first ever blog post Noah. I hope that you do lots more. It is pretty much a perfect blog post: short, informative writing with lots of pictures. I like that you included the Halloween picture too, that’s pretty funny. I have a question though: you play for Port Credit, and your brother plays for Mississauga. Aren’t those places far away from each other? Do you guys have to travel far to play hockey? Looking forward to reading more. – Chris Wilson

  3. To Tim - This is Noah. Thank you for writing my first comment! I liked The Karate Kid movie. I also like my name. I played Noah from the Bible in a play once! It was very fun...but I like playing hockey the best! Bye! Noah Rossi

  4. To Chris - Hi! This is Noah. I am glad you liked my blog post! Post Credit is an area of Mississauga actually. Maybe there is a different Port Credit I don't know about. I play in the MHL (Mississauga Hockey League) and Julian plays in the GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League). He is in AA. One day maybe I will be in AA too! Thanks again bud! Bye! Noah Rossi

  5. Hi Noah,

    What an amazing blog post; I loved reading it! You are, obviously a great writer, just like your Mom! Look forward to reading your future blogs!


  6. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for reading my post! I am glod you enjoyed it! I am already writing my next one! Stay tuned! Have a good day Sue! Bye! Noah Rossi

  7. Hi Noah,

    I was wondering, do you like playing hockey video games, too?

    If so, which hockey game is your favourite, and why?

  8. Hi Eric,
    My mom says you are a good writer too and you went to high school together! Thanks for your comment! My mom actually had to interrupt my video game to comment. I was just playing my new video game X Box 360 NHL 12! It is awesome! I think so because the people are in 3D! They look so realistic and the players even look like the real players! Thanks for reading Eric! Bye! Noah Rossi

  9. Hey Tim! Noah again! Thanks for republishing my post on your blog! For all my new fans, here is the link!

    Cool!!! This is the best day ever!!!

    Noah Rossi

  10. hey!! excelente blog writer!!! good work Noah!! keep doing it. blessings for you my little friend

  11. Hi Eduardo! My mom says you live in Mexico! Cool! Thanks for reading and for your comment! Gracias! I learned that from Dora and Diago! :) Bye! Noah Rossi

  12. Hi Noah! I really enjoyed your guest post. You are very talented. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing. I'd like to hear about your typical day at school, your favourite subjects and what games you play with your friends at recess!

  13. Hi Noah!! It's your cousin Katie. Way to go buddy! My brother Todd played hockey and we spent ALOT of time at "the rink". Some of my favourite childhood memories are of travelling with my family to tournaments, cheering with all the parents and other siblings and watching my brother and his friends play on our backyard rink. You should be really proud of yourself for writing this! You are awesome! xoxo

  14. hi again Noah! Im Edusrdo Padilla and yes your mom is right, im from Mexico. you and your family are welcome here whenever you all want. you speak spanish well my friend, Dora is a great teacher!! a hug for you =o D

  15. Hi Fay - This is Noah. Thanks for reading my post! I am glad you liked it! I enjoyed writing it very much! I will think about all the things I like about school and maybe I will do a blog about that! I got a very good report card last time! Bye! Noah Rossi

  16. Hi Kate! I remember you! Actually, The picture of me and my mom in this post was taken at your brother Todd's wedding in Kingston! That is why we are all dressed up! I look pretty spiffy don;t you think? Anyways, Thanks for reading my blog post and for commenting! Say ho to Todd for me! I enjoyed carving pupkins with him at the cottage! My mom says hi and says you are very funny and nice too! Bye! Noah Rossi

  17. Hi again Eduardo! I don't know too much Spanish but Dora is a good teacher! Your English is very good too! My mom is going to Mexico in May for a wedding but I won't be going this time! Maybe one day! Bye! Noah Rossi

  18. Noah, you look like quite the character. It would be cool to be on your team...if I was a lot younger. :-) Oh, your mom wrote me on Twitter and said to comment on her blog, it is.

  19. Noah, this is a great first blog post! I am so impressed! Your personality just shines through and I bet your mom is so proud of you :) Thank you for sharing with the rest of us ;) I look forward to reading more from you :)

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