Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comfortable Change

It is February. In Canada.

This is what February usually looks like in my neck of the woods. is February everywhere, but I am in Canada and this is my blog so there.

It is so frickin' warm outside that I have to sometimes stop and think about what time of year it is and what country I am in.

It is above freezing yet again and this is bizarre.

OK, I exaggerate.

Don't get me wrong...I am not complaining. But when you live somewhere your entire life and you get used to the seasons and the weather these seasons generally bring with them...any extreme changes make me feel a little discombobulated.

One of my favourite words.

Now for those of you reading this from other places in the world, you probably think that us Canadians live in igloos and walk to school in snow shoes and say "eh!" all the time.

My home.
OK, I exaggerate.

Well, the "eh!" thing is accurate, eh.

But as for the igloo and snow shoe thing...mine has melted and I have yet to take out the snow shoes.

My boys are a little disappointed.

"Where's the snow??!!??"

I mean, they love to play soccer and baseball and basketball and all the rest that are kinda more challenging to do with a bunch of cold, white stuff underfoot.

But they have been brought up - like I was - enjoying the pleasures of building snowmen and skating outside and constructing snow forts and tobogganing and having snowball fights.

This is hard to do when there is no snow.

Is is February, and I just suggested that it may be a fine day for a bike ride.


Bike riding. In June.

The changing if the seasons feels comfortable to me. I am used to it. And when these changes...ummm...change...things feel a little off balance.

Don't things feel off balance to her?
This can't be comfortable/ Nor is it attractive/

It is like life, really. Yeah peeps. This post is taking a deep turn. Lora Rossi

When life runs along in predictable fashion, things are comfy. Maybe not very dramatic or exciting, but at least you know what to expect.

I want this in my house. The swing thing I mean.
And the wine too now that I think about it.

When life throws you a curve-ball...whether it be made of snow or otherwise, you get hit with something that does not feel like it fits. It is not so comfy. Sometimes it hurts.


Like an unexpected pregnancy. Or a sudden death of a loved one. Or divorce papers. Or getting hit by a bus. Or winning the lottery. Or finding out that you have cancer.

See, not all of these examples are "good" or "bad" per se.

I have had a surprise pregnancy and yes, it hurled me out of my comfortable life, but it brought me blessings I never knew existed.

My enexpected pregnancy turned into this.
Pretty good deal I'd say.

I have heard of many people who have won the jackpot and their lives were ruined as a result.

Dear Lottery Gods: I would be willing to win the lottery to see if it makes my life worse.
I will happily be that guinea pig. Thanks. Love, Lora

I have met people who have fought cancer battles and their perspectives on life changed for the better in wacky and wonderful ways.

Cancer sucks large. But I have seen the gifts people get out of bad experiences.

When you are expecting July and you get February or the other way around, the bottom line is you gotta deal with it.

It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it.

Some choices.

So I'm going bike riding.

And it has been a long time. I have never been bike riding in February that's for sure.

But there's a first time for everything.

Maybe not this. But you get my point.

And rinding out of my comfort zone is starting to feel a little more...well...comfortable.

That's cool, eh?

Well...kinda warm actually.



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  1. Cool! Er, I mean warm..... Oh well, like all your writing it is great, thoughtful & fun.