Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Date to Create

Being creative, I have learned, is almost like breathing to me.

If I am not creating something, I feel suffocated in some way. I feel like I need to expel, to communicate, to say something, to express myself.

Now of course, my writing my prime outlet at present. If I go a few days without writing - and I really don't know the last time that really happened - but if I do, I feel restless.

So even if I don't have access to my computer, usually I can be found scribbling in a notebook, on a random piece of found paper or even a napkin if need be.

If inspiration hits me - watch out!

I look like a chicken with her head cut off as I look for some form of writing utensil and some sort of flat surface to write on. If I happen to be at home, then off to my computer I go. And yes, I have been known to do this in the middle of the night.

Carrie writing by moonlight. I don't have a sex column like she did. But hey! Who knows what the future holds?

Now writing is not my only creative outlet.

I enjoy painting, acting, decorating, dancing, singing, cooking and I could go on.

This is a painting I did for my brother Paul. It hangs in his house. At least it did until he moved. Man...I really have to go visit him to make sure it is up in his new place!

Now this does not necessarily mean I am good at all or any of these things, but I do enjoy them very much and if you you can't take the heat, get outta my kitchen!

That's hot!

I do find it very interesting that when I was holed up in bed for a few months during the third trimester of my latest pregnancy in the Summer of 2010 - when I had nothing but time on my hands - that I created virtually nothing except fat cells on my ass.

Oh...and a baby boy. I guess he could be considered a masterpiece.

My little masterpiece Drew-boo. His big, brown eyes kill me.

But you know what I mean!!!

That reminds me of how connected our physical selves and our mental selves are. I was so physically impaired and uncomfortable that it hindered my mind and therefore my creative flow.

The juices just were not there.

The calorie-laden, Tim Horton's iced caps were there...but little juice!

I could hardly even be mentally "there" enough to read anything more than trashy magazines about the latest in Suri Cruise fashion, Brangelina and what the Kardashian sisters were up to!

Very deep.

Over 2 months of just lying there and I don't think I created a thing.

I did not quite look as serene as this chick.

"Oh, all the writing I could have done!" I sometime have thought.

But I was in no frame of mind to do that.

A brain in a frame. Frame of mind. Get it? Who frickin' made this!?!??

Apparently I was almost a year later when I had a baby keeping me very busy and my two older boys were about to be at home, all day, every day for the summer.

I think it also has to do with the ups and downs of life. The more ups and downs and craziness there is, the more that is reflected in my need to create as well as the quality of my creations (baby-baking is the exception!).

A very insightful drawing by a very creative kid!

When I was lying in bed feeling like shit and vegetating, I was not very inspired. Perspired, yes. Inspired, no.

When I am running around, doing this and that and laughing and crying and la, la, la...well...I have a lot of life to be inspired by! And it keeps me sane.

It's my cheap therapy and it is better for me than beer.

And so I will leave you with this:




  1. Lora, Your creativity is amazing. The only person I know who may have been more creative was my sister, Detra... Well... You know how I felt about her. You are a terrific and inspirational friend. Tim

  2. I love it! I like your blog and I am following your blog, FB and twitter! I hope your visit!

    Have a great week!