Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Higher Power

“The easy confidence with which I know another man's religion is folly
teaches me to suspect that my own is also.”  
- Mark Twain  

I think a fair bit about what is out there.

What made this all begin?

Who created it all?

Is there a God?

I am already smelling that this could be a controversial post. But it is just me being honest. It is just me putting my questions and thoughts out there. Out there, along with whatever higher powers may be out there too.

Now to be clear, I grew up in a very stable, loving, Christian family and we went to church very regularly. I even helped my mom teach kindergarten Sunday school.

No. This is Christian Bale.

Yes. That's the one.

As of now, my older boys attend Catholic school (my husband is Catholic - I am not) and thus far, I am quite pleased with what they have been learning.

But I find myself worrying - as I often do - about what they will learn about as they get older. Will they still preach the "pro-life" thing? Because I am pro-choice. Will they discuss homosexuality at all? Will they do it in a way that promotes acceptance and respect? I sure hope so.

Of course my kids ask me about God and Heaven and Jesus and all of these things. And I don't feel like I have a firm grip on the answers.

Does this mean I don't have faith?


It just means I don't take how I was brought up religiously and take it all as a given.

I don't read the Bible and take every word literally.

It means I have questions.

I think I always will.

Over the course of my adult life I have taken an interest in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism. Many of its teachings make a lot of sense to me.

Maybe that is what I need. For things to make sense.

I know hard-core Christians. I know hard-core Jews. I know hard-core Muslims.

I also know many Agnostics and some Atheists.

And ya know what?

While I may not believe in everything these people believe in, most of them are pretty awesome folks. If someone is an Atheist...I don't try and change their minds. i actually listen to what they have to say. This goes for any belief. It is all very interesting to me.

If I were brought up in a Jewish home, I would probably be a Jew. If I were brought up in a Muslim household, I would probably be Muslim. And because I was brought up in a Christian household I do consider myself a Christian.

But the fact that many of us are products of our upbringing - well - this is what makes me think - how do we really know what is out there? Why should I believe in something just because I was brought up to believe in it? It is a nurture/nature conundrum.

Should we base our beliefs on the roll of the dice that is "nurture"?

Things that make me go "Hmmmmmmmmmmm..."

Remember this song?

I am not here writing to make any grand statements about religion. While it is true that I think religion has created many a problem in this world, it has also served to help people a great deal.

All I hope for it that people are smart enough, conscious enough, to question. To have their own thoughts on things - not solely based on religion, but on what feels right to them.

We all have things to learn - that is what life is about.


So let's keep asking questions.

Let's keep learning.

And at the heart of it all, let's all respect what the other chooses to believe in.




  1. You are right: Good Questions are important Ms. Lora. No one should be a blind follower. You have a faithful heart. You will find the Answer or should I say The Answer will find you. Honesty is a great point to build real faith. Paul Johnson has said in his "History of Christianity" that a sincere seeker of truth has nothing to fear from the facts. Humorous to me that you posted this in the wee hours of the morning... which says very clearly to me that you are "A Seeker." Seek and you shall find. Matthew 7:7. As I have mentioned before, you remind me a lot of my sister. She and I had the most incredible spiritual journey together as we laughed and learned about life. We also deepened our short time on this planet in Christ's tender care. In the end, it will matter -0- what people think of you and matter 100% who you really are. And you are a beautiful wife to your husband, mother to your children and blessing to this world. ---- Cause I pay a lot more attention to what people say, if I am moved by what they do.. And you hit the truth right on the head. Most people who are Christians are just cultural believers, believing what they have been brought up to believe. And same for Jews, Buddhists & so on.... For me, this is not faith at all but clinging to upbringing (which is generally ok also) Respecting our roots if they are healthy is surely a sign of well being.. // I have been told that I am very "real" over and over again. As I know you are.. So I try to stay away from doctrines, viewpoints and issues in my commentary and communication (not because I don't have them). But I just realize the central real faith I have (that is not just cultural upbringing) is an amazing intimate and direct experience with Jesus..... You are also right in pointing out that we should respect all others, of honest conscience; whether we agree with them or not. ------ Your dialogue helps me a good deal here Lora. Because as God's messenger, I know as long as truly honest people are asking questions fervently; they will find the answers. Or should I say The Answer will find them. Affectionately, A Friend who respects you and your opinions a lot and looks forward to sharing with you in life's journey. Thank you for your clearly expressed and beautifully written sincere thoughts. :) Tim- gutsiskey

  2. Hey Lora :) I love plays on words...and once, a friend shared with me her discovery of breaking down the word "QUESTION" - She showed me how the word is made up of "Quest-i-On" :P Cool huh :)Seems to me that the will is our gift and the lessons are somehow guided. Gotta keep asking questions :P Great post...I thought this was Silent Sundays...Have a great day and enjoy the snow today...SNOWMAN building day! :)

  3. Great post Lora... I feel much the same :)