Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Monday...err...Tuesday Chuckle!

It's Monday and I thought you may need a smile and a laugh.

Actually...it feels like Monday and I posted this as "A Monday Chuckle", until I realized that yesterday was a holiday (Family Day in Canada)...and it is actually Tuesday!

So I had to come in and edit my post...but the link will read "A Monday Chuckle".  So you get a 2-for-1 chuckle special!


Many of you have probably seen the "Walk Off The Earth" cover of Goyte's song "Someone that I Used to Know".

If not, I used it as an example of teamwork in my post Smells Like Team Spirit, so you can watch it there.

This is a parody of that video.

So make sure you check out that post and watch the original, then watch this.

Pretty funny!

(I told you that guy in the middle sounded like Peter Gabriel!)

Oh...and the original by Goyte is awesome...and so is the video. They need some attention too...so here it is!



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