Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Head was Hunted!

"Do not hire a man who does you work for money, but him who does it for love of it."
- Henry David Thoreau

So the other day I received an unexpected e-mail from a head-hunter.

Maybe this was him.

Now I have gotten many a call / e-mail from recruiters in the past, but this one came way out of the blue at a time when I have not been working (short of my writing jobbies) for a year and a half.

Apparently he contacted my former employer and was told I no longer worked there.

Anyways, so long story short, I was presented with a six-figure job opportunity. Yeah, I know.

This is not my bank.

He laid out some initial details and asked if he could chat with me on the phone about my potential qualifications. I figured I had nothing to lose except my resolve to live authentically and not jump at dollar yeah, I gave him a buzzeroo.

An actual picture of my eye when I started thinking about this job.

So he asked me questions for about a half-hour about my past experience la-dee-da-dee-da. I asked him a few questions about the position and found out it was an Executive-level Director role with quite a few Regional Managerial direct reports across Canada. And lots of busy-ness.

Can you say "stock photo of a busy, working mom"?
All together now!

Near the end of our chat he told me I had much of what they were looking for and was very interested in presenting me to his client as a potential candidate.

Dollar signs floating through my head like little sugar-plums, I gave it a little shake and then told myself to be blunt. So I told him that if the position involved a significant amount of travel, it would not work for me because I am the mother of three young boys including a baby.

There. Good.

So he said he would look into the amount of travel and would get back to me promptly. Which he did. And he told me he was still very interested in me but that the travel percentage would be about 40%.

Sorry Howie. No deal.



...dream taker...don't you mess around with me!

Not really.

Ya's a good thing.

I know. Again.
But this "Martha in jail" edition is kinda a good thing.

It's a good thing because I know that the only reason I was considering this opportunity at this time in my life is because of the money and the fancy-shmanciness that goes along with jobs like this. Travel...impressive title...nice perks...expensive hotels...lovely office...

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

But for now, I am kinda liking the unfancy-schmanciness that goes along with jobs like the one I currently have. games...playing with building blocks...snuggle up story time...watching The Flintstones...

You guessed it Fred.

Yabba, dabba, (yes I) do(o).




  1. nice post... very interesting. we are easily woo'd by money. Can't always make decisions just based on the $$$$$

  2. Good call. And good story for those faced with a moral decision like this. Reminds me of the movie "Family Man" with Nicholas Cage... :P

  3. Precious and Priceless decision. You give clear definition to the term "All heart."

  4. Impressive offer, bold move. good for you. Saying no has never tasted so sweet.