Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raising Boys World Article #2: Bathroom Humour

Happy Wednesday all!

Today I am happy to announce that my second article for Raising Boys World has been published!

Please see my post and link to my first article "Oh Boy!" here.

My next article is all about boys and their love of bathroom humour. Burping, farting, the male name it...they think it's funny! Here it is...and I hope you enjoy!

My Boys' Sack of Nuts and Balls  By: Lora Rossi  (February 29, 2012)

Thanks to Tara, Renee and everyone else at Raising Boys World for their ongoing support!




  1. This was terrific and bang on speaking from experience with two brothers and lots of male cousins!You had me laughing and smiling a great deal! Thank you Becky

  2. I was the only girl in my family with 2 younger brothers also. I raised 2 daughters who are out of the home, but now it's me and my 2 younger boys. Arm farts, bodily farts, burping, all comes with the territory. Like you I try to join in (no mooning for me) and other times I just roll my eyes! Boys...

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