Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Special Snowflakes

You're like a snowflake.

Yeah, that's right.

You're like a snowflake.

Every snowflake is different. Every single one.

And so are you.

So am I.

I am silly.

I am sassy.

I am serious.

I am pensive.

I am passionate.

I am creative.

I am a lot of things.

You are too.

Have you ever looked at snowflakes under a microscope?

Here are some cool pics of actual snowflakes taken under a microscope.

Cool, right?

No, I don't mean in cold.

My point is, is that they are all special, unique and glorious in their own way.

This should say "you're", but whoever wrote this is still amazing! are am I...just the way we are.

Now, we have had a very strange winter thus far. We have had very little snow.

So, I am bringing a little to my blog instead.

A short, simple message really.

I'm special.

You're special.

Just like snowflakes.

Try using this simple comparison when you are talking to your kids.

I did.

I told them they were like snowflakes.

My sons. My suns. My snowflakes.

And they told me I was like one too.




  1. What a nice post Lora ... what a great thing to tell your children..

  2. Beautiful Pics of Snowflakes AND the Fam :P Always good to remind ourselves of the simple things that are not so ordinary. I heard a good line once..."And remember, you are Unique...Just like Everyone Else." :P Have a Great Day Lora!