Sunday, February 26, 2012

That's Silly!

Life is too frickin' short to be so serious all the time peeps!

You need to learn how to relax, to dance, to laugh, to joke around!

Like Mr. Silly here.

I have to remind myself of this a I tend to be a little intense...but I love me a good laugh...I just feel awesome to get that belly jiggling!

(OK...maybe the belly jiggle thing I need to do more crunches...but you know what I mean!)

Having young children is a great reminder of how to be silly and it's health benefits. And it is great to encourage the natural silliness in your long as the "there is a time and a place" lesson goes along with it.

A silly face made out of silly putty.

For example, my mom was over taking care of my older boys when I was stuck in bed pregnant with broken feet and they came up to my room for a visit with their jean shorts on their heads.

I asked them, "Why are your shorts on your heads silly boys?"

And they said, "Nana said it was 'wear your jean shorts on your head day!"

And so it was. It was simple, but the boys loved it.

You see, it helped me growing up to have parents who could enjoy the lighter side of life.

No this is not a giant chia pet. This is my silly Dad with a lovely "fern-fro".

My brothers and I caught a bit of the silly bug from them too.

My bro Paul enjoying some silly time with his son Rowan.

And I find myself encouraging my kids to be a little less serious sometimes. Especially Julian, who tends to be quite stoic.

Serious Julian giving new meaning to "cone-head".

Noah, on the other hand, is a silly-man at heart.

...or a dragon.

My husband has also learned to bring out his silly side. He rarely does this in public, but he does have a habit of belting out random, annoying songs from the 80's at home.

Let us pause for a moment and distinguish silly from stupid.
 Singing songs from the 80's? Silly.
Not wearing a visor whilst playing hockey? Stupid.
Hence the nice Nike swish shiner under his eye.

I even try to make lunch and dinner silly sometimes.

Just letting go, having a bit of fun and being an example to your kids is healthy. Showing them that life is fun is important. Engaging them in enjoying themselves is all part of what growing up in a happy home is all about.

Some music, some peanut putter containers and you have a mini stomp party!

Dance a little.

Noah never stops dancing! Broken arm? No problem!

Jump and play a little.

A hose + a trampoline = silly fun!

And let your kids see you smile.

I promise...they will smile right back at you.

Smile...or fish face!



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