Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I Love About You

"To love someone deeply gives you strength.
Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage."
 - Lao-Tzu

Today is Valentine's Day.

So in predictable fashion, I am going to write a little post about what I love about my valentine.

I know - creative, right?

I mean, I have a few valentines. Of course, I love my children. But I write about them all the time.

Three of my valentines

I love my parents - but I have already told you about my Dad and my Mom.

I love my brothers - but I have already told you about Matt and Paul.

This one is for my husband.

Yes, I have written about him too, but in little spurts here and there. He is a pretty private guy and so I don't get too personal about our relationship here on the blog.

I did share my thoughts on marriage and a poem I wrote for Rob on our anniversary one year.

But hey...it is February 14th and I feel it's time to show him a little more love here.

And so...Rob...the guy I met way back in 1996...the guy I married in 2000...here are a few things that I love about you.

Our wedding day. Duh.


1. You are a nice guy. Pretty simple, but it must be said. You are just generally a nice person and everyone likes you. I like you too. You are the first to say hello, you hold doors for old ladies...and young ladies at that...and pretty much anyone now that I think of it.

You are not mean to telemarketers because they are "just trying to make a living", and you let people in on the highway. When people let you in, you wave. These are nice, little qualities.

You're so nice Rob. Can I be your friend? Oh wait...duh.

2. You are good-lookin'. Let's break it down. First of all...newsflash!...you are nice and tall. At 6'6", you meet my "I like tall guys" requirement with several inches to spare. And you are not lanky. You have nice, broad shoulders, and a broad back and you are strong.

You have perfect teeth and you have never even had frickin' braces. You have a beautiful smile and you eyes get those little smile lines around them kinda like George Clooney. You have a very cute, bumble-bee, round bum that looks ever-so-cute in jeans. Or track pants. Or nothing.

You have a little scruff and are not completely clean-cut. I think that is rather sexy. Oh...and you have big feet. Nuff said there.

Hey, good-lookin'. Whatcha got cookin'?

3. You are a great father to our three wonderful sons.

You are a "family first" guy and you would go to the end of the earth and back for the boys. The way your whole face lights up when you see them after work is the best.

You are attentive, affectionate, playful - and you are always game for mini sticks, Nerf wars, building forts, tickle fights, board games or whatever the boys want to do. You hug and kiss those boys so much that they have no doubt how much you love them.

You put off having your dinner until after 9pm many a night so that you can spend the little time you have before they go to bed with them - giving them your full attention.

Your role as "Dada" is obviously the one you hold above any other and I think it's amazing.

The boys with "Dada"

4. You are a good housekeeper. You are a better housekeeper than I am. Yes...now you have it in writing...on the Internet, no less...for all to see. You clean, you do laundry, you garden, you landscape, you cook.

You even make soup from scratch.

Some people assume that because you are Italian and were brought up by a mother who cooked and cleaned all the time that you would expect me to do it all. This is so not the case.

You understand that we are in this together and that keeping our home in order is no more my responsibility than yours. I appreciate this more than you know.

Rob and I doing the laundry together.
I generally wear higher heels for this task, but whatever.

5. You are a hard worker. You are not a slacker. When you do a job, you do it well and you finish it. You take pride in whatever it is that you are doing and do your best.

Rob made this 'mini-Toronto' for the boys to play cars on. Cool eh?

Yes...complete with a little Tim Horton's. Large double double please!

6. You are a handy man. With a pick-up truck. With lots of tools that you know how to use.

And you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty. This is all very good because I am none of these things. I think I know how to use a hammer, but you are so much better at it than me.

You also know how to fish. Which is good as I don't. I don't even eat fish.

7. You are thoughtful.

You always make the coffee and you bring me chocolate when you know I need a fix. If I am sick, you go to the drugstore and get me medicine and Kleenex to make me feel better.

You bring home little treats for the boys and for me just because.

You are the first to offer someone a hand and help a friend. You take Drew off my hands after work because you know I need a break even though you do too.

You pick up the latest gossip magazine because even though you don't give a shit about what Kim Kardashian is wearing this week, you know I kinda do despite myself.

8. You...ummm...well...this is a family blog...but...ummm...use your imagination folks. :)


9. You have a very high standard of personal hygiene which I find pleasing.

I appreciate the little bit of "gay" in you that makes you love nice, smelly soaps and all that stuff. You always smell really good.

Unless you fart. Then you smell bad for a short period of time. But I will forgive you. Except when you do it under the covers in bed.

That's gross.

Yes...all of you play hockey and all of you fart.
In general you smell good, but after those events, just walk away.

10. Did I mention that you do laundry?

Thumbs up to that!
Of course, there are many other things I love about you...but there's a start.

I hope you enjoyed this valentine blog.

Now what do I get?

I'm just happy I have you!