Thursday, March 08, 2012

All Parents Are Teachers

      "Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes."
 - Chinese Proverb

I had parent-teacher interviews with my older sons' teachers a few weeks ago.

My boys are doing well and I was very pleased with their progress.

They go to a Catholic school and thus far, even though I am not Catholic myself (my husband is), I am quite happy with what they are learning, the quality of the teaching staff and the religious part of the curriculum.

As part of their health curriculum, my boys are learning about the "birds and the bees".


Of course they are at different stages of learning - one is in grade 2 and the other in grade 5 - and I wanted to check in to get a fuller picture of what was coming up (further to the notes that came home) so that I would be prepared for any questions that surely would pop up.

Like these ones.

As I did not attend Catholic school myself, and because I have heard some stories of what my husband and other people I know were taught in the past (many years ago), I was not sure what the current curriculum had in store for my kids on the topics of abortion and homosexuality.

These are two topics I know have been of particular concern to the Catholic church and I am very interested to know what my boys will be told - if anything - about these topics when this time comes...or if anyone raises a question in class.

And this is where I have to say this.

No matter what your kids are learning in school, it is my very strong belief that if you do not teach your children at home to abide by the moral compass that you yourself want them to abide by, who knows what will shape their beliefs.

Ya gotta be in the loop parents!

This is why I asked my older son's teacher what was up.

I did not call my son's teacher "baby".
Just a tip.

She told me that abortion is no longer covered at school. She said that if a student were to ask about the topic, they have been instructed to tell students that their question is a good and valid one and best answered by their parents.

OK...good. I was happy with this.

Being pro-choice, I did not want plastic fetuses and pro-life propaganda shoved down my boys' throats. I am not saying abortion is something I agree with in all cases. I am not saying it is a choice I would make for myself.

All I want is the opportunity to be the person my kids come to if and when they want to discuss what abortion is and what is right and/or wrong. thanks.

Not an easy discussion by any means. But I would rather be the mouthpiece for anything they learn than a teacher with a teaching mandate from the Catholic School Board.

Then there is homosexuality. A topic I am very passionate about. Please see my post Don't Be Gay to see exactly where I stand on this.

Apparently homosexuality will be addressed in a few years, so I have a little time.

But what my son's teacher told me took me aback. She said that they are instructed to teach students about respecting and accepting everyone and to let students know that some people do experience attraction to members of the same sex, however they should not act on those feelings.

Really now?

I told the teacher that I am glad I asked because I have a big problem with that last bit.

How can we really accept all people if we are then taught that their actions - of showing love and/or affection -  to another human being who is seeking the same, are not to be acted upon?

This makes me pissed.

This makes me uncomfortable.

But it also goes to show me that not only am I am parent.

I am a teacher.

I believe this is a direct quote.

And teach I will do.

And these are only a few examples.

Be your child's teacher. Be proactive in shaping their moral compass.

You are their biggest influence.

If you want to be.




  1. Bravo!! absolutely loved this post.. Parents are teachers and every parent needs to realize what they are teaching.. thanks for sharing

  2. Such a great post. I agree with everything totally. With the not to act upon your feelings is kind of like to say ignore your feelings. Seems to me it would create confusion in a child's mind. So proud of you and your stance on these issues. I am sure your boys will be amazing like you.

  3. The part about acting on your "feelings" is interesting to me. Why do we make the choices we do? and where are we heading? Why does this "feeling" come across us...and what void is it serving?