Monday, March 26, 2012

Assume and Smile

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."
 - Phyllis Diller

Ya know that dude who flips you the bird when he thinks you are driving too slow?

Maybe he is a jerk. But just assume he just lost his job and needs a smile instead of seeing your finger.

Ya know that Mom who is screaming at her kids in the grocery store and you are thinking "sheesh...simmer down now woman! They are just little kids!"

Maybe she is a crappy mom. But just assume she just found out her own mother has terminal cancer and she is just trying to buy some food for her family and hold back her tears so her kids don't see she is crying inside.

Ya know that dude in the suit who is busy texting on his phone and rushing through the door of the office building and you are behind him and he does not hold the door even thought you are coming right behind him with your hands full?

Maybe he is thoughtless. But just assume that he just received a call from his wife who told him their baby is in the hospital after a bad fall and he needs to get there ASAP. He is worried sick.

Just assume that all of these people need a lift.

Just assume that they are all having bad moments in a tough world.

Just assume...and give them a smile.

Because ya know that person...that one you look at in the mirror...the one that is a good person...a nice person...but has bad moments...bad days?

How does that person feel when someone smiles at them when they are weeping inside?

A smile from me to you.


So to always...I sign off with...



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  1. Hard to do (assume) for me anyways... but you make an excellent point.... and I promise to try! :)... after all..I'm sure I'm often unknowingly the 'jerk'.