Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fire of Desire

"I hope that I may always desire more than I can accomplish."
 - Michelangelo


It is a word that can apply to so many things.

When I hear the word "desire" I think of passion, sex, ambition, wanting something deep within my soul.

Now being human, sometime I ambitiously, from deep within my soul, want passionate sex.

Sorry Mom...but it's true.

But again, this is for another post (and I will warn you Mom when that comes....)

Sorry to get you all excited there.

This is a great song. For another post as well.

To get anywhere in life...anywhere meaningful, desire has to be involved.

You have to want it.

For example, my sons play hockey and my middle boy's team are currently in the finals.

In order to continue to win, they as a a team...have to want it.

They need to have that desire to win.

And when they do, they play like mad and they do.

And when they don't, they play like "meh" and they don't.

As another example, I am trying to lose weight.

I want it...yes.

But some days I want chocolate more.

Some days the want...the in to instant gratification.

This can be applied to the bigger things in life as well.

Like marriage.

Do you desire a strong, healthy partnership? Do you want it badly enough to work at it? To go though the ups and the downs that every marriage goes though?

Is it worth it to you?

To some, the answer is "yes".

To some...well...instant gratification interrupts this flow and that passionate sex I was talking about before? Well...that happens. Outside of the marriage.

Exhibit A: Bad Tiger.

Desire can pull us in all sorts of directions and can be very confusing. Sometimes it is extremely conflicting.

It is like fire.

Warm and comforting one moment, and then hurtful and destructive the next.

It is all in how we channel and focus our desires.

If we do it right and with balance, we can accoplish many great things.

Money is another thing many desire.

It can turn into many a good thing...and it can destroy lives. It all depends on how it is dealt with.

And so the fire of desire burns for all of us.

We let it roar and get hurt.


We tend to it carefully and we hear and see the beautiful flickers of light and colour that make life beautiful.

So tend to your flames.

Don't start a forest fire.

But don't let it burn out all together.




  1. Lora, You used that honest word "conflicted." Desire is great, when we can fulfill it through means that honor & strengthen our conscience. Desire is a murderous knife, when it leads us to do things irregardless of conscience. Somehow expressing desire is not the whole answer. But then again, neither is suppressing it. I guess that's why ,I often read Romans 8. It helps me with knowing I am normal (even spiritual) to have these kinds of conflicts. You are not alone. It is the common estate of being human. You have expressed powerful emotions we all have Lora. You just dared to sound them out in the open. ---- I know you have a strong conscience. Just remember that the fire of desire always subsides. And its worth is seldom worth a damaged conscience. It is hard; No, it is impossible; to see objectively, when we wrestle with such powerfully flaming feelings. At This kind of time, more than any other; I treasure the counsel of The Spirit to keep me happy & sane. --- Thanks for the thought provoking read. ---- Your friend, Tim-

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