Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Raising Boys World Article #3: For Mother & Son

Hello readers!

Today I bring to you my third piece for the great website Raising Boys World (RBW)!

To read my first two articles, please check them out here.

Some of you may have read my piece about my friend Clare - a wonderful woman and mother of a young son who passed away last year after a valiant battle with cancer.

I talk about Clare and share the poem I wrote for her and her son Nathan for RBW this month.

Lullaby of the Sun  By: Lora Rossi  March 28, 2012

Just a quick note about this piece. I am not getting any payment for this from RBW. If I were, I would donate it to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation or to Nathan for his education when he is older. This poem was written for Clare and her son. My sharing it is only meant to bring more awareness and to honour Clare's memory and amazing spirit.
As always, thank you to Renee, Tara and all the great folks at Raising Boys World. I enjoy being a regular, contributing author for this wonderful resource!



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