Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How TréSkinRX Canada Worked for Me!

So, not only am I am writer and a blogger and Britney Spears follows me on twitter (oh yes she does peeps!)...but now I am a big-ass, famous model!

I'm too sexy for this blog.

No...I am not just pretending. I have made it BIG TIME!

In fact, I won't get up for under $10,000/per day a la Linda Evangelista. Us Canadian supermodels are fierce!


OK. So I exaggerate just a little.

Alright. I exaggerate kinda a lot.

Here's how my little story with TréSkinRX Canada goes and how I became the new Canadian face for the brand.

I was introduced to a woman by the name of Mel Jouzy, who is working to bring TréSkinRX into Canada from the US. In their own words...here is some more info on this great all-natural skin-care line:

TréSkinRX Inc. is a skincare company dedicated to promoting skin wellness. We do this through educating our consumers on the truth behind what makes skincare effective and therapeutic as well as promoting and supporting good nutritional habits. Our focus is on improving the health of your skin - inside and out - with the goal of beautiful, healthy skin.

TréSkinRX provides a pure Aloe Vera based line of skin care products that contain only organic substances, which have been proven to have restorative and rejuvenating effects on the skin. It is the philosophy of TréSkinRX that the quality of the ingredients in this skin care collection will exceed industry standards and will exceed consumer expectations. We believe that using the highest grade of Aloe Vera as the base ingredient in our entire collection will provide customers with products with which they FEEL the difference and SEE the difference in their skin. Experience for yourself the pure healing power of premium quality Aloe Vera.

For additional info, please visit their website here.

So Mel was introduced to me by my friend Steve Gutzler. I have talked about him before. He is a leadership coach and is also the President and co-founder of compassion2one - the non-profit organization for which I am Canadian Awareness Director and Editorial Writer & Blogger.

So Mel is Canadian...yay!...and is a social activist...yay!...and strongly believes in the power of all-natural products...yay!

And Lora...that's me...yay!...has very sensitive skin...not so yay!...and has been looking for a solution. Enter Mel and TréSkinRX.

Mel offered to send me a trial kit - not because she knew I was a Canadian blogger who could promote the product...but because she is nice and understands that when you do something nice for someone, generally you get nice slapped right back.

Hence this blog post.

Because this TreskinRX stuff? It really has worked for me!

Yes! Yay!!!

Now I am not going to show you before and after photos of me. Not so much because I am vain...but more because I don't have before pics. I don't tend to allow myself to have my picture taken when my skin looks like crap.

OK...maybe I am a little vain.

I would say it is more insecurity.

But as I said before, I was not expected to write a blog post on this so I didn't really have any forethought about taking ugly pics of myself.

I should not say ugly. I just mean me with my breakout. Not so pretty.

So I recently ran out of my trial kit and guess what? My skin is starting to look like crap again! But I just got some new stuff...including a special smaple of their Instant Lift & Brightening Mask...and I guess I could take a pic now...but again, I am too insecure.

But I will keep you posted about how things move along! We will see if I become lifted and brightened!

Here are a few pics of me a few weeks back looking pretty good thanks to TréSkinRX:

Skin is looking pretty good right?

So, Mel was nice enough to ask me if I would mind sharing some after photos with her and she is incorporating some into her Canadian marketing efforts.

In turn, I wanted to let you all know that if you are having issues with your skin...give it a try! A trial kit is just $15 Canadian and it will last you about 2 months (even though it says two weeks).

Here is a direct link so you can go ahead and do that...just click here! (Enter promotion code 'CANADA').

I promise to blog again about how things are going with my new stuff...and let me know if you try it!

Oh...and of course...I will also keep you updated on my new life as a supermodel. ;)

Thanks Mel...and thanks TréSkinRX Canada! Please visit and "like" them on Facebook here! And tell them Lora sent ya!




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