Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Raising Boys World Article #4: Who is Easier to Raise?

Hello readers!

Today my fourth article for Raising Boys World (RBW) has been published!

To read my past articles for RBW, please click here.

This new piece explores the age-old question: Who is easier to raise - boys or girls?

My two oldest boys looking lovely.
"We are pretty easy, right Mom?"
I don't claim to have the answer...but I do have some thoughts!

So here is the link:

Raising the Roof on Boys Versus Girls: Who is Easier?  By: Lora Rossi  April 25, 2012

As always, thanks to Tara, Renee and the entire RBW family for continuing to publish my work and for their on-going support and wonderful website!



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