Monday, May 28, 2012

Blog Anniversary - Yo Yo!!!

I can't believe it has been a year since I started this little blog.

I started it on a whim, really.

I was at home with my baby and was feeling kinda disconnected from the world. A common "mommy with a baby" feeling.

And I could hardly take off to Italy, India and fricin' Bali a la "Eat, Pray, Love"...

My life was revolving around my kids and I felt I needed something for myself.

I also needed an outlet to express myself creatively.

If I don't have a creative outlet, I feel like I start to fill up with bad stuff and it starts to trickle out in different ways. Creativity helps me to process what is inside me...mix it up...and produce something positive.

I had also had my first of now several articles published in a Canadian parenting/family magazine and it was well I felt encouraged to share a little more of my writing...even though I didn't think too many would read. Maybe a few friends and family members.

I really had no idea how blogs can take on a little life of their own.

I didn't really realize that people actually start to follow blogs that they enjoy. I mean, religiously!

Well...I guess I kinda knew that since I myself had followed blogs before...and still do...but I really did not expect anyone...especially people I didn't follow mine!

There are actually people following my bloggy blog?

It really was a personal project.

And so now, I do have a little following in the blogosphere.

Apparently, this is a map of the blogosphere. Wow!

I am not one of those massively successful "mommy-bloggers" who make tons of money at what they do. Sure, that would be great...but the money I have made as a result of my blog is hardly massive.

It has lead to some writing gigs. Some paid...most of them not.

But what it has certainly lead to is a strong connection with like-minded people from all over the world.

It is pretty amazing how the Internet can bring people together.

This is kinda a creepy image that represents the Internet bringing people together.

Blogging has helped me sort through my own thoughts on a number of topics and apparently has helped a few others along the way.

So as I approach my blogging "anniversary" (or has it already passed?), I just wanted to give my readers a shout out (YAY!) and a big thanks for your support, your comments and your loyal readership.

I have really enjoyed this journey thus far...and as long as I keep liken' it, I figure, I will keep on keeping on.

I hope you hang in there with me!

And just as a little aside - I am off to the Mayan Riviera this week to celebrate my friend's nuptials. This means no blogging. No computer in fact!

I have never gone a week without a post - so I just wanted to let you know that I am still here. Except on a beach. With a drink. Soaking in the rays.

Dreaming up new things to write about.

This is where I'll be if ya need me!

I'll be back!

Kisses from Mexico!





  1. Happy First Year Anniversary! Here's to many more! May your trip be filled with childlike inspiration and adult like margaritas!

  2. Happy First Anniversary!You have been such an inspiration to me with my dog blog from the get go. Your creative talents are superb, no wonder you have such a huge following! I love your writing and thanks for the postive energy as a mentor to me :)Enjoy your much needed vacation