Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Feeling Blue

Now don't worry peeps.

This post is not about my struggles with depression.

That is for another post.

This post is about my love for the colour blue.

In case ya don't know what blue looks like!
(My apologies to those of you who are colour blind!)

It is spring...and getting closer to summer...and nothing freshens up a room in the warmer months than shades of the water and the sky.

Kind of funny that we use the term "blue" to refer feeling "down" or "unhappy"...because the colour blue brings me joy!

See how happy I am?

I think this stems from my love of the beach.

I grew up in The Beach area of Toronto. Now for those of you near the ocean, a beach on Lake Ontario is probably not your ideal. But it feel like "home" to me, and feelings of home make me feel cozy and happy.

The Beach in Toronto. Just like a postcard. is a postcard!

With my love of the colour blue comes my little thing for stuff related to the beach...and this shows up in my home decor.

My living room.

I dig starfish, birds, sand, stones, name it...I probably have it as part of my decor scheme.

I also currently kinda feel like a beached whale at the moment...given my weight loss struggles...but again, that is for another post...and no, you will not find full-body pictures of me in my bathing suit anywhere in my home, on this blog or anywhere else I hope. If you do...kindly burn it.

But I digress...

I like all shades of blue - from the deepest, almost black blue, to the lightest, almost white blue.

My favourites tend to lean towards the lighter hues - the shades of sea glass and sky, ocean and that silvery blue-green you see on trees sometimes. Any blue that reminds me of nature really does it for me.

I also like to paint...and my love of the water...and the colour blue that tends to go with that, shows up in several of my pieces. (Some of these are for sale by the way. Except for the ones that already sold!)

So blue...does not make me blue.

Blue makes me smile.

Me smiling.
 Maybe because my eyes look so blue in this photo!

So if you are feeling blue....try a little blue!

And don't play the blues whilst you do so...try hip-hop! Some JayZ perhaps?

Hey...he and Beyonce named their baby Blue after all!




  1. OMG Lora, Love the paintings!! So many talents! Off to read some more....Phil

  2. You look wonderful!

  3. shades of ocean glass and sky, online research proposal writing sea and that shiny blue-green you see on trees in some cases. Any blue that helps me to remember nature truly does it

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