Monday, May 14, 2012

More Mommy Love

On Mother's Day, I wrote a little post about a love letter I received in the mail from my oldest son Julian, 10. You can take a look at that here. That post also includes a link to a love letter I wrote to my Mom a while back.

But I would be remiss if I left out the other lovely gifts I received by my wonderful son Noah. I had already prepared my Mother's Day post before I received these gifts (as my letter arrived in the mail a few days early), and hence this post.

My super cutie Noah

On Mother's Day morning, I work up to this wonderful craft that Noah made at school tat includes his hand prints.

It reads: "I love you for infinity days mom.
I will certainly love you every day. Happy Mother's Day!"

Here is a close up of the poem on the side entitled "My Hands".

Love it!
This is what my face looked like when he showed me this wonderful present:

I am one happy and lucky Mama!

Noah also gave me a gift in a bag that he decorated. Here are both sides of the bag:

The front. Noah pointed out that that hand in the middle does not mean "Rock On!"
because the thumb is out. Therefore, it means "I Love You".

The back. That is a self-portrait of Noah.
Inside this little bag was a lovely, little plant inside a pot that he decorated.

This picture does not do the pot justice, but it is very cute and I love it!

And from all of my boys - and my husband - I received this bouquet of roses:

Very nice!
So to Noah, I say "Thank you and I love YOU for infinity days", just like I tell him every night before he goes to sleep.

Me and Noah!
I am such a lucky Mom!



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