Thursday, May 03, 2012

"Strange" Celebrity Moms

There seems to be a lot of stuff being discussed in the media lately about celebrity moms and how they choose to raise their children and/or their takes on motherhood.

I guess if you put yourself out that goes with the territory of being a celebrity...then people are gonna talk about you.

And people are gonna judge you.


Let's take Alicia Silverstone (best know for her starring role in the movie "Clueless") for example.

Alicia Silverstone

Recently, this actress posted a video of herself on her website The Kind Life feeding her young son Bear (yes...Bear) like a bird. She chewed food in her own mouth and then fed it to Bear by transferring it into his mouth via hers. Yeah...just like a bird.

Alicia feeding her son Bear. I choose to feed my kids this way? No, quite frankly, I don't. Do I think it is gross or problematic or unhealthy? Well...I am no doctor, so I am not going to speak to the health side of things - I will leave that to the professionals...but I will say this. I really don;t care how Alicia Silverstone feeds her baby. If she wants to feed him like a bird, go right ahead. Who the frick am I to judge? I am sure she would have enough to judge ME about if she wanted to.

Now as for naming her kid Bear....that is a whole other issue. But that is for a later post.

January Jones (an actress on Mad Men) recently revealed that she had her placenta dehydrated and made into pills that she takes every day.

January Jones

Apparently their are several health benefits to this that I am not going to go into here...but hey...if she wants to drink her pee that really has no bearing on my life, so again...who cares? Is she hurting anyone? Not that I can tell. Do I have any desire to do what she is doing? thanks. But go for it girl.

Now as for growing up with a name like January...that is a whole other issue. But that is for a later post.

Mayim Bialik (formerly of "Blossom" fame and currently on the show "The Big Bang Theory") is really big on the whole attachment parenting thing.

Mayim Bialik as Blossom

 I actually wrote a post that touched upon this parenting style entitled Crying Over You.

Anyhoo...a few of the things that I heard about Mayim's parenting style included the fact that she believes in breastfeeding her kids until they wean themselves....including her 3 year old. She also does not believe in diapers and never used them. She claims that she picked up her kids' "I need to pee/poo cues" and placed them over the toilet.

And yes. You guessed it. Not for me...but all the power to her. If you want to breastfeed your kids until they don;t want it any more...great. I am a full supporter of breast feeding and did so with all three of my boys. They happened to ween themselves at around 5 months give or take. Thank God for me, because I was ready to have a little more freedom. But that is me.

Mayim...who also has her Ph.D. even wrote a book about attachment parenting.
Here is is in case you are interested.

As for the toilet thing...I only wish I had the time and the patience for that...because diapers are expensive yo...and the thought of having my now 18 month old son toilet trained at this point makes me smile...but like most parents, I went the traditional route and let my babies soil themselves.

Now as for growing up with a name like "Blossom", that is a whole other issue. Oh wait. That was her character's name.

Never mind.



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