Monday, June 25, 2012

A Blog Post About Nothing

So sometimes I feel like writing...simply because.

I don't have a topic or an idea or a concept in mind. I just wanna write and so I start writing.

Like right now.

I have no idea what this post is gonna end up being about. Perhaps nothing.

But if Seinfeld can make a top-rated, hilarious television program about nothing, then I figure I am allowed to write a blog post about the same thing.

Nice glasses Bubbles.
Errr...I mean, Jerry.

Good. Hey! Now I have a topic. I have something to write about.


What did I say you ask?

Because nothing is something isn't it?

Otherwise, there wouldn't be a word for it. It would not be an "it".

Usually when I do these stream of consciousness type of posts where I don't even start with a topic, one quickly emerges. A simple thought, a word, a song on the radio, something one of my kids says in the background, whatever...sparks an idea that leads to a path that leads to a blog post about something.

And again...nothing is something, right? Or is it?


Even deeper.
Thanks Jack Handy.

But I have this feeling that writing about nothing will not translate as well as making a funny sitcom about it. I have a sinking suspicion that you are already getting bored.

Sorry dudes.

Sorry - but nothing is the topic I am sticking with.

It is actually harder to write about nothing than about something. Because I really like to go off on my little tangents as you know...but nothing does not have tangents does it? Because tangents are something. And this is about nothing.

What would a post about nothing be without a photo of nothing?

So as a certain U.S. President once said, I must "stay the course".

"A thousand points of light."

Do you have any idea what that meant? "A thousand points of frickin' light?"

Ahhh the Dana days of SNL.
It really sucks now.

Well Bush said it. So I assume it was about a lot of nothing.

I have nothing in my stomach...I should eat something. Oh wait. I should eat nothing. In keeping with the topic at hand of course.

But lucky for you all it is lunch time.

And lunch is something indeed.

This blog post is brutal. I don't think I will try to write about nothing again.

Oh yeah Simon?
Well The X Factor is pretty brutal too dude!

But I won't beat myself up about it.

'Tis true, after all. 



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  1. Lora, The un-daunting Spirit you demonstrate to write anyway; no matter the block, no matter the challenges; is in itself a great message. You really did not write about nothing. You wrote to remind your followers that you are committed to writing for them. To give of yourself to share from your heart and mind with others, who follow. AND THAT IS SOMETHING INDEED! "Slam"