Saturday, June 16, 2012

From Pain to Gain

Nobody likes to go through pain.

Pain hurts.

Human nature is to hide from our pain.

Pain means suffering.

Pain means feeling uncomfortable.

Pain means feeling things that you don't want to feel.

Been there.

So...often we do everything we can to avoid pain.

Not gonna work dude!

We use crutches to get ourselves through the day with as little pain as possible.

But what is this pain that we are trying so hard to avoid there to really tell us?

Could it be that pain is a sign that something needs to change?

Perhaps you need to go in a different direction.

Could it be that we are so afraid of making a change that will lead to less pain that we are stuck dealing with the pain of NOT making the change?

Think about that for a few moments.

Things that make you...and this large money...go "hmmmmm".

I'll wait.

Take your time.
I'm here.

Are there changes that you want to make in your life that when you think about them...bring on feelings of fear?

Are you afraid that the pain of doing what you need to do to get to a better life for yourself will be MORE painful than dealing with the pain (or stuffing that pain and that void with things like food, drugs, alcohol, la la la) that keeps you exactly where you are? Somewhere that you know in your soul and from your core that is not your best place?

Pain is a sign.

Do I lie?

It is a sign that we must pay attention to.

When you feel pain - both physically and/or mentally, try to really feel it. Don't cover it up. Don't ease the pain with quick fixes that take you away from what your pain is trying to tell you.

Try to meditate on your pain.

Be still and just be.

Feel it as deeply and as painfully as you can.

No, this is not easy peeps. It is much easier said than done.

But truly feeling your pain is one of the keys to figuring out what your next step(s) need to be.

Try writing down all of the reasons that you are avoiding the pain of the change(s) you want to make in your life. Take 10 minutes. Don't just think about it. Take a pen and a piece of paper...sit down in a quiet place...and write.

Yes dudes. This is what writing looks like.
Get off your computer and take out a pen.
Remember what a pen is?

Now take another 10 minutes. Write down the life you see yourself having if you trudge through your current pain in order to reach your desired outcome - the thing you are afraid of reaching for because the pain of getting there just seems like too much to deal with.

What is more painful when you compare?

I will be candid here for a moment.

Ha! I loved this show!

I have been dealing with this on a few fronts for a long time.

I still struggle with some.

And guess what? Those closest to me have being living with my pain too. Pain radiates. It transfers to those we are closest to. They feel your pain. Those who love you live your pain.

Think about that one.

And for some issues...I have taken the leap to moving from the everyday pain of avoidance to the pain of walking through the pain of getting to where I know I need to be to live a happier life.

Not always fun. But worth it.

It ain't easy.

Whether you know you need to lose that weight, quit a bad and/or unhealthy habit, release yourself from a relationship that is not the best for you, change jobs or careers, come out of the closet or whatever is holding you back...the decision to move away from your current situation that is bringing you pain is...well...painstaking.

Trust me peeps. Some of the decisions to move through the pain and on to a higher level of living that I have made have taken me years.

I have talked a fair bit about my desire to get healthier and lose weight for example. I am an emotional eater and part of my problem is that I have been using food to cover up other pains in my life. Food has been a comfort. Food has been a reliable friend. Chocolate has been my lover.

My old friend. My former lover.
But notice the tear drop.
A sign of pain perhaps?

But I finally got to the point of enough is enough.

I've had it!

And I am on my way...bravely trudging through the pain of not having food as a using food as a source of fuel. A source of health. I am eating to feed my body what it needs to take me to a healthier, happier me. Not just for my weight...but for my confidence and my well-being. A lifestyle change that is taking me to greater heights.

I'm moving from the valley and up that mountain.

Right on man!!!

As for some of the other things I am working on...a few of these are fresh and new. I am not ready to blog about these journeys quite yet.

But I will.

And until then...I will move though the pain...feeling...crying...resisting...and then manifesting.

Manifesting and gaining the life I know that I deserve.

I want to shine!

Shine on!

You deserve to shine too.




  1. WOW! Interesting piece, dear Lora! Very personal and almost painful to read since you're always so full of life and joy bubbling over! Bless you as you go through any pain, real or otherwise!
    I live that last photo "SHINE ON"! The rays of sunshine are COOOOL!Have a nice day, my friend!

  2. Just... Love you. Is there such a thing as a blog-hug? I'm giving you one now. You GO strong girl!!

  3. Pain, Hmmm... We don't like it.. We cry... We try to avoid it... Some pain leads to life. Birthing for example. Travail is pain and it is life producing.. And then there are as you mentioned pains, that indicate that we need to grow. And that we should pay attention to the pain, in order to grow or prevent further injury.. I get all that.. But it is the pains with no possibility of progress. Age, mortality, unsolveable injustice, permanent injury & the like.. Yuchh. These are the hardest to deal with. Acceptance is the best way I have found to deal with these. That & faith that sees beyond them. But that is another story. --- Thanks for the candor. It helps us see that you are real.. Love- Slam