Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainbow Ramblings

That is a very confusing title to a blog post.

Yes peeps.
Good frickin luck understanding both the title and the body of this blog post!

It sounds more like the title of a poem or something.

Anyways...a rainbow came to mind when I thought about what it was I was gonna blog about today.

An actual photograph of inside my mind!
I have many talents.
Mind photography is just one of them.

As you know, rainbows come about through the wonders of nature when sun and rain - or lots of frickin' flying' water like at Niagara Falls! - meet.

Sun and rain. Yin and Yang. Happiness and sadness. Laughter and tears. Hope and fear.

How's THAT for tying underlying themes together? Holla!

Oh how I love me a nature/light and dark metaphor!

So yeah. These are obviously things that fall on opposite sides of the emotional scale. (Disclaimer: There probably is such thing as an emotional scale, but I have never seen it. I mean...can you imagine a scale...crying? I not funny. Maybe the emotion scale would be a better way of putting it. But if my scale were emotional it certainly would cry every time I stood on it...but I digress. Oh...I mean...I manifest! I have a wickedly healthy body! is now out there in the Universe.)

This kind of reminded of going out into the Universe. Like the things I manifest.

Where was I?

Yes...these things are basically opposites.

So how the frick do we human beings go from feeling one thing to another thing....back and forth...sometimes within moments of each other?

This pic is kinda cheese.

Like, common dudes! Sometimes I feel like I am a walking oxymoron.

Or just a moron.

Not an ox, generally.

Or maybe a better word would be rainbow?

Whoa dude.

But really now. How can I feel so hopeful and happy and light and sunflowers and violins one minute and then feel afraid and sad and dark and clouds and Leonard Cohen the next? (I mean...besides when you look at the image above. That one funky picture dudes!)

It's confusing peeps!

It's kind of like I have a map and every time I look down at it, my route has changed.

The Rainbow Bridge. guessed it!...Niagara Falls.
Do I go to the US side or the Canadian side? My map is screwed up!
(Go to the Canadian side...duh!!! It is waaaaaaay better! True story, eh? Not just because I'm Canadian.)

Oh shut it with the cheese-ball metaphors Lora! Do you think it makes you sound all poetic and deep and philosophical? Oh you do? are right.

Carry on.

And now I am having a conversation with myself on my blog.

Yes...I am certainly certifiable.

But that is what having all of these mixed emotions does! It makes me all...wait for it now...this is my favourite word...discombobulated. (I know...along with the metaphors, I also possess a very impressive vocabulary. I will be giving autographs after this post. Get in line.)

Like just look at this frickin blog post! What the heck am I even saying?

Maybe that I am human and so are you?

Maybe that I support gay rights?

Maybe that if you ever feel all emotionally jumbled up and all over the place that you are not alone?

Yeah. I guess that is what I'm saying.

And that I happen to think rainbows are beautiful.

Why else would I put so many frickin rainbow pictures in the blog post?

And that this is one hell of a rambling post.

And that the title of this post is actually pretty frickin appropriate.



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