Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hollywood Vice

My name is Lora Rossi and I’m a celebrity gossipaholic.

Did I just admit to that?

I am currently in search of an effective 12-step program, but all of the ones I have read about in the Hollywood tabloids thus far have not worked for me.

I mean, we are all allowed to have our vices, right? I'm not into drugs (unless you count my perchance for NeoCitran when I can’t sleep), I don’t drink (unless you count wine) and I have never been arrested. Sheesh…I just got my first speeding ticket this year!

I'm so frickin' innocent I wear a flower in my hair every day.
OK...that was in Mexico.

But put me in the magazine rack aisle at the grocery store and I am in la-la land!

Don’t bother trying to have a meaningful conversation with me when Billy Bush is talking about the upcoming summer blockbusters because I am not listening.

One of my news sources...Billy Bush.

It’s like talking to my husband during a hockey game.

Just walk away.

To let you all know that I am actually quite a well-rounded human being, I am also a mother of three, a wife of one, a writer/blogger (duh), a home décor junkie, and I love to help people whenever I can.

This includes keeping those that I love in the know about what the stars are up to! 

Here is what the stars are up to in the Southern Hemisphere.
You're welcome.
This includes what you should or shouldn’t watch on TV and who is making up or breaking up. 

Don't watch.

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb - just broke up and then made up and are now engaged!

You already knew about this, I realize.
Hey...we all knew about it before it even happened, right?

It also includes who is getting their mug shot taken, who is on the rise, who is on their way down and who is sporting a new belly bump (Sookie and Snookie…you are on my radar gals in case you’re reading! Do you think they are reading? How exciting would that be?!??).

Here is Anna Paquin (AKA Sookie), pregnant with twins at a red carpet event.
Maybe she was reading my blog earlier in the day.

But I digress.

Life is serious shit. We have a lot to deal with...especially us Moms, what with the diapers and the driving and the cooking and the working and the crying and the lego-ing and the this and the this and the that. 

Yes, this is me when I realize I just missed Entertainment Tonight.
I'm serious.
But life is also supposed to include some fun right? 
Can I get a “hell yeah!”?

Thank you.

So I indulge in Kim’s post 72-day marriage woes, Katie's concerns with Scientology, watch a little (OK, a little more than a little) TV and head to the movie theatre once in a while.  

Oh yeah...she's moved on to Kanye.
So convenient that Kim always kovorts with kuties who happen to have names that start with "K".
But again, I digress.
And because I do…and I do it quite a bit…I am here to pay it forward. 

I am here to indulge you with all I am learning. 

From fashion to plastic surgery news to “you-just-have-to-see-this-movie-and-this-is-why!”s to some deeper thoughts on the goings on in today’s pop culture, I’m here to serve.

So serve I will. 

Here's a glass of wine.
I've got mine.

Now…let’s dish!
Stay tuned peeps!


  1. My addiction to celebrity gossip is restricted to my manicure appt each week. I don't even talk to my manicurist because I've got my head buried in the latest People magazines.

  2. hahhaa...I can never be interested in the lives of people I don't personally know..but you're right- we are all allowed to have our vices and yours is a fairly innocent one.