Monday, July 23, 2012

I See Your True Colours

Yo dudes.

Colours are bright!

Dare I even say - as the British would...colours are "brilliant"!

I mean...they really are quite smart. is as if they have brains type of smart.

This is more a brain with colour...not a colour with a brain.
What do you WANT from me peeps??!?


No really! I mean...they can change your moods at will simply by being there in your presence. They don't even have to say a thing! (If only humans were colours. I bet the divorce rate would go down. And the world would be very colourful! That sounds like it would be a pretty fun world to live in. But I digress...)

But yeah! Colours have the ability to affect the way people feel.

For a simple example - image you are in a room with lots of bright red. How does that make you feel?

Now imagine you are in a warm, soft blue room. How does that make you feel?

Chances are, those feelings in those two rooms were different.

And the cool thing is...every person will have different, combined answers no matter what rooms you show them.

That is why some people feel at home in a home saturated with bright hues and some have a very neutral thing going on.

Now what some people need to learn is that our homes are not museums. If your home looks great to some but does not make you feel at home, then is it really worth it?

If you feel your best in a bright, pink room but the decorating magazines made you think that beige walls and furniture are chic? More aesthetically pleasing...especially to the masses? Well are you selling magazines with your home or living in it? Are you selling your the masses?

If not...then come on in to your house! Make yourself feel at home!

You - and whoever lives with you - need to feel that they are in their own space...somewhere that makes them feel comfortable, cozy and calm. And of course...this verbs greatly from person to person and from household to household.

If you live with others...some compromising may be needed...but that is marriage and family for ya peeps! If you like everything white and you have 3 little kids under the age of 8 running around, all I can say is "good luck with that!"

But that does not mean white can't be incorporated into your home.

Who cares what "such and such" a designer says or does. If you look, I promise you that you will find a designer who thinks that your colour palate of choice is marvellous! And even if they didn't...if it makes you feel how you want to feel then "screw them" I say!

Start small.

If you crave colour and/or pattern and you have basic, neutral furniture...go get some pillows that speak to your sensibilities and throw them on your couch.

Get some fun curtains for your living room. Buy some vases in the bright colours your love. Buy them at a thrift shop if you want to start really small (or if you know you can find awesome stuff at thrift shops no matter what, like I do!!!)

Then if you notice you are really enjoying the bright accessories but you feel you need more...try paint. It is cheap and you can change it out with a little elbow grease and $50. Or just start with an accent wall or the powder room. Whatever strikes your colourful fancy!

And if you want to get brave and update some or all of your furniture with brighter or funkier pieces...go for it! ( ugly, dated, brown dresser at The Goodwill - or on the side of the road...oh yes I have! -  can become a cool, original, bright blue showpiece with inexpensive but attractive and updated hardware! don't have to have major cash to get the home you want if you are creative and a little resourceful!)

Oh...and a tip in case you are not sure what colours make you feel the way you want to feel...which is...I assume...good? Take a look in your closet and what you wear most often. There's a good clue.

And because I am in a yellow room, which makes me feel is song by Cyndi Lauper. (And you know this chick knows a thing or two about colour if you have followed the career of her hair.)

I see your true colours shining through!



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