Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspiration and Instigation

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Well it really depends on how you look at things doesn't it?

Now in terms of writing blog posts, which comes first - inspiration or instigation?

Again, it really depends on the my case anyways.

Sometimes I see something or hear something or taste something or feel something or read something or, or, or....that inspires me.

Draw inspiration from all your senses.

It could be a word, a quote, a song, an emotion, a meal...anything really.

Something in whatever it is I am experiencing can inspire or spark an idea and from there, a blog post is born.

Look! An idea is sparking!

So I am inspired and then I instigate.

On the other hand, sometimes I just start writing.

Yup. I sit down to write a blog post with absolutely no idea what I am going to write about and my stream of consciousness just takes over. Some end up as sort of a ramble, and some have ended up to be pretty darn goodies.

So I instigate and get inspired.

If you are a blogger or a writer...or any kind of artist for that matter, remember that inspiration can come from anything and from anywhere.


Listen to music.

She looks pretty inspired to me!


(Some interesting inspiration could come from reading A Clockwork Orange I am sure!)

Look at some art.

Talk to your children.

...and have a tea party while you're at it!

Or just begin.

That's what I said!

And will find the end.

Like I just did now.

Not too inspiring a post, I realize, but I made my point.



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