Friday, July 06, 2012



That was not a typo.

This post is about...well...exactly what I am doing right now.


I'll also change this to read "PROCRASTIWRITION" later as well.

Procrastiwriting is any writing that I do when I really should be doing something else.

Usually, there is a loooooooong list of other shit I should be doing instead.

My name is Lora Rossi...and I'm a procrastiwriter.

Yes I am.
Sorry but it is true.

And until I find an appropriate 12-step program to help me with this little issue, I will probably continue procrastiwriting. The Nike in me is just not quite there in this area.

Hey peeps...Pobody's Nerfect!

I mean, dudes! I have so much frickin' laundry to do I could stretch it end-to-end and probably reach the ocean...which would be great cause then the tide would pull it all in and it would get washed and the tide (get it...TIDE!?!) would wash it back to the shore.

See this orange stuff? Guess what that is?'s Tide Coldwater dudes! Well...the bottle is orange...and the ocean is full of cold water right?
My plan is all coming together!

And it would all be perfectly folded.


Or maybe not. But one can dream. And one can pretend...and then procrastiwrite.

Like I am doing now.

Because another thing I really should be doing is cooking. her.
With perfectly coiffed hair in a perfectly pressed dress.
Oh and lest we forget that perfectly tiny 20-inch waist.

I am on this new diet and I need to be prepared! I have to make sure I have my lean proteins and veggies ready to go or else I risk derailing myself as usual.

But as I write this some eggs are boiling on the stove, so I am OK. Breakfast will be ready for the next 3 days.

Breakfast of champions!
Or at least my breakfast.

So it's OK to keep procrastiwriting right?

Write on eh!

This is what I use to eat my breakfast and coffee in case you were curious.
Not curious eh? Well too bad!

And later I will be sure to grill some nice peppers and zucchini and perhaps some asparagus. Even though that last one makes my pee smell.

But the good thing about that boys have learnt to love asparagus for that very reason. They dig the way their pee smells gross after they eat it. In the process of learning this fact, they also learnt they actually rather enjoy asparagus.

Hey Mom!
Can we get some of that cool vegetable that makes my pee smell disgusting!??!?

So it's OK to keep procrastiwriting right?

Write on eh!

Hold on now. I think my eggs are probably boiled to the right amount of hardness.

But oh shish kabob! I need to fill out my son's Track & Field form for his big track meet. Wait. That's over. Mmmmmm....shish kabobs! Hey! Protein and veggies! I need to make me some of those!

Shish kabobs! Mental note!

See? This procrastiwriting helps me in so many unexpected ways! In trying not to swear too much here on the bloggy blog, I am coming up with new and exciting meal ideas.

So it's OK to keep procrastiwriting right?

Write on eh!

Because, if I didn't have this outlet...I would probably go nuts! Mmmmmmm...nuts! How I would love me some almonds and pistachios right about now! But nuts are not on my diet.

Not on my diet!

So perhaps I should stop procrastiwriting and go and eat an egg right?

Damn, those eggs look tasty!

Write on eh!

Yeah...I will.

In a little while.



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  1. I love your post.. I am relating to it and cracking up at the same time.. write on eh! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today. :)