Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Cleaning, Clearing and Cleansing

Some people really get into the spring cleaning thing.

Like these fine people who don't exist.

Or like these fine people who seem a little more realistic.

I, myself, tend to get that need to nest, to clear and to get organized in the fall.

Not this kind of fall.

Yeah...this one.

I guess it all started with September being the beginning of the school year...with all of those fresh, unmarked notebooks, brand new binders, sharp pencils and a nice, clean locker.

Oh...mental note...gotta take the boys shopping!

And lest we forget the new clothes, shoes and backpack!

It was a time for new beginnings...and I think I have always kind of associated September with the chance for a new start.

My birthday is on September 17th...and this year will mark my big 4-0 (did I just admit that!?!??), so I suppose I am really getting into it for that reason as well.

This is a cake!
I want it!

I am looking to go back to work...and so that is part of it as well.

I am looking for positive change get out of a few get my mojo back!

I started by doing a few simple things for myself.

I got a mani and pedi.

Ahhhh...much better.

Then I decided to try dying and waxing my eyebrows and dying my eyelashes for shits and giggles. (I don't think I will dye my brows again. They look too dark for the lashes are cool.)

Brows - too dark, right?

My natural lashes are very long...but rather for those (many) days when I don't wear eye make-up, the darker lash shade adds a little something to my (usually) tired peepers.

And don't mind my hair. Trust me. It is on my list!

Then I tackled my closet.

Not my closet...but pretty close!

That was both depressing and cleansing at the same time.

Depressing because so many of my clothes don't fit me properly at the moment and cleansing because I got rid of crap I don't wear anymore and I organized what was left.

I also now have a better idea of what I have, what I need and how much room I have (or don't have as the case is!)

My new, clean closet.
OK, I lie.
But it looks much better than before.

And also, now I get to go to The Goodwill to donate a bunch of stuff.

And shop!

Next on the agenda?

I think I will tackle my writing desk.

Since getting my little MacBook Pro, I rarely sit at my desk to write anymore, so it has become a dumping ground (yes it closes up!) for random papers, magazines, shit I don't want to lose and other "important" paraphernalia.

Basically, it is a giant junk drawer disguised as a desk.

Then...who knows?

Maybe a bath.

With bubbles.

And wine.



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  1. Good for you! Spoil yourself - Feel Good. You deserve it. When you're feeling good, you can tackle anything.

    I always feel better after a mani-pedi :)

    If I had a bath with a view like that, I would likely be pruney and sloshed much more often too!