Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Situation Communication

As I have told you before, I am looking - with great gusto and anticipation - to re-enter the workforce.

I mean, I never totally left.

Every time I have taken time off from typical, full-time work, I have always quite quickly realized that I need to keep myself busy with other, personal pursuits.

I have needed this to stay stimulated.

Some women are stimulated enough - thank you very much! - by being at home with their kids - and once again, to those moms I say a hearty "bless you and bravo!" - because it is the most difficult and demanding job on the planet - but for me...well...I have always needed something separate from my role as a mother to stay personally fulfilled.

I struggled a lot with this reality. I thought it made me a less than fit mother. I thought it meant that I didn't have the patience or the personality or the make-up of the mother I thought I wanted to be.

I'm not sure I have the make-up of the mother I thought I wanted to be.
Too much mascara perhaps? Hmmmmmm?

It has taken me a lot of time to figure out that I am just becoming comfortable in my own skin.

It has taken me years to figure out that it is OK that I need activities outside of those directly related to motherhood to make up a happy Lora.

There...that's better.

It has taken a lot of introspection and trial and error to find that being creative - besides doing crafts and singing along with my kids - is not just a want for me - it is an inherent need.

While at home with my kids off and on over the 11 years I have been a mother, I have ventured into - amongst other things - painting, home staging and of course, blogging.

Writing has been a constant...but over the past few years it has turned into a nice little side career as a freelance writer and blogger.

Professionally, I have been writing - by way of corporate marketing and communications - for over 15 years - but I have branched into writing about my life - which I have done since childhood - but now I share it with others, both in the blogosphere and in articles I have written both for pay and just because I wanted my writing to gain further exposure.

And I am well aware that I just wrote a run-on sentence. And that I just started two sentences in a row with the word "And".

This is my blog peeps...not a business report!

I have had over 30 of my articles published beyond my blog and frankly, I can't keep up with the demand.

Not unless everyone pays me, that is.

Because I am at home with my kids and in order to concentrate and focus properly on my writing, I need a larger income in order to pay for full-time childcare.

I don't like to do anything half-assed - be it parenting, writing or working.

No half-assing it!

And now I am sure that I am ready to take this to the next level.

I am ready to get that childcare and start focusing full-time on work.

Parenting will never stop, of course, but I will do that during my non-working hours in the evenings and on weekends. And during those times I will be focussed on that.

I fact I know...that I would be an asset to any corporate or non-profit organization in a marketing and communications role. Especially given my very strong social media skills - which is very important these days in modern marketing and communications efforts for any company - I know my expertise would help spread targeted messages like wild-fire.

Social Media Marketing - it works!

I don't have a big head. In fact...I have a small head. But I know what I know and I know what I am good at. I am good at taking words...crafting them in to what I want to say...and then disseminating them to the appropriate niche markets.

You want to reach moms? Well...that's my personal niche market in terms of my I have that one down!

I know me some moms!

You want to reach stakeholders in a particular industry or market segment? I know how to devise unique messages...and I know how to find that niche audience.

Yes...I know I am trying to sell myself here...but hey...that's what I do.

I'm marketing myself a little.

And now...just in case you or someone you know happens to be hiring...I have communicated it to you too.




  1. Lora,
    Honest and saying it like it is once again without sugar coating the matter.You are an incredible mother, writer,and an very creative individual.(while balancing the hockey lifestyle to boot not an easy task!)
    You have been a constant inspiration to me as a new blogger and your enthusiasm shuld be bottled and sold.Thank you for all your positive coments :) You have something wonderful coming your way, be patient it will be well worth it.
    Have you considered giving seminars on blogging or teaching a course. You would be terrific!

  2. Whoops,I should have proof read my comment before sending for mistakes, but you get my drift :)I have had a long busy day in the heat.

  3. As far as me being a member here, I am glad though that I am a member. When the article was published I received a username and password, so that I could participate in Comments, That would explain me stumbuling upon this post. But we’re certainly all members in the world of ideas.