Monday, September 24, 2012

Cloud Conversations

For as long as I can remember I have been rather fascinated with clouds.

I remember as a child, I used to sit on the little hill in my elementary school yard with my best friend Krista and ponder the white shapes in the sky. We loved to look and point out to each other the different shapes and pictures we saw.

This is not Krista and me...but you get the point.

"Look at that kinda looks little a bunny!"...or "Hey...that is a perfect heart!"

Cool! A bunny!

I have a heart on for this cloud heart! :)

Even on a mostly cloudy day, shapes and forms can be found in the spaces between the clouds.

Hmmmm...a square or a box found between the clouds.
What could this mean?
Kinda looks like it has cloud eyes.

Love this band and love this song!
You knew I was gonna do this...come on!

And to this day, I still enjoy doing this...both with my children and on my own.

I actually did a Silent Sunday post not too long ago with photos of clouds I had taken. You can take a look here.

Now this may seem a little juvenile and/or crazy and/or new-agey for you, but I also like to ask questions of the look to them for guidance...or signs.

If an angel cloud can't give you some sort of guidance, I don't know what cloud can!

Kind of like when a palm reader looks at the lines on your hand to predict the future, I like to look at the sky to see what is in store for me.

So that's what it's called.
I learn something new with every blog post I write!

Now I am not a superstitious person, but I think this is fun - and really, that is all it really is to me.

For example, I may take a topic - say "career" - and then say to myself "OK, the first image I can pick out of the sky via the clouds will have something to do with the next job I am going to get."

Then I will look up and see what I can see. Recently, I saw a giraffe.

This is not the giraffe I saw.
Actually, mine was there!
Too bad I didn't have my camera on me at the time!

Hmmmm. Maybe my next job will have something to do with animals. I am in non-profit management, so perhaps I will get a job for a non-profit that helps wildlife in some way?

Or maybe I will get a boss with a really long neck?

Or maybe that boss will look over my shoulder with that long neck to make sure everything I do is perfect. Oh no!

Or maybe I will be at that job for a really long time!

Or maybe I will stick my neck out to get the job done well!

Or maybe I will switch careers all all together and become a Zoologist and specialize in the study of giraffes!

Funny...just the other day I found - and bought - a giraffe-print, Lands End tunic shirt! I got it at Value Village - that's right! - for $6.99 dudes! I love a good cloud...and I love a good deal! And apparently, I love a good giraffe print!

And here it is!
Nice, right?

"Dude...stop looking at the clouds and check out Lora's shirt!
I dig it! Maybe I should get one!
Oh...wait...I already have a coat like that!
And hey! So do you dude!
We should really call each other before we get dressed in the morning.
This is embarrassing!
Let's make sure we wear different ensembles to the Zoo Awards next month!
I'll call my stylist!"

I just took a bathroom break - sorry for the TMI...but I realized that my shower curtain is kinda like a giraffe too.
I just discovered I have a thing for giraffes.
But wasn't this post about clouds?

OK...digressing here as usual!

In any case...I guess I will find out if my cloud giraffe sighting has anything to do with my next job when the time comes. In the meantime, I will wear my shirt and have my showers and hold my head...and neck...high.

So anyhoo...this is kind of how I play the "Cloud Conversation" game.

It all just really stems from my fascination with the natural world and my appreciation for its beauty. It is a fun way to really pay attention to something natural and enjoy a few moments of personal down time.

So the next time you are outside, enjoying the autumn breeze, try taking a look up and see what you can find.

And have a little conversation with the clouds.




  1. I Love clouds too :) I hope you find something you feel is making a difference. These posts are like a job....they make a difference to me. keep em coming :)

    1. ANd I mean "Making a difference" by a JOB that you feel very strongly about. This might seem like a hobby but the emotional income it brings seems to be invaluable :P OR Priceless.

  2. I always look up at the clouds as well! Interesting post. And your little funny tangents and photos are always a nice addition to your blog. Smiles to you as well! (I like the way you always sign off that way!) George


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